My No Technology Day

So, a week ago now I took up the challenge to use no technology for a whole day. This challenge was introduced to me by Joanne who wrote her own account of her day off from the gadget world along with a blog post written by her daughter who held all said gadgets hostage!

I kept a written account throughout my day and here's how I got on:

Lets just start with how much I use shall we? Like most people I use the microwave, toaster very rarely the kettle for a hot water bottle or for visitors who drink tea. I use my camera, laptop and watch TV pretty regularly throughout the day. Then there's my phone. This is strapped to me! I use Twitter, Facebook, Kindle, music, Instagram, photos and camera and I write blog posts which involves me using photo editing apps in order to mark my photos. 
For this task (which I'm not actually looking forward to now I've listed the above!) I'm allowed to use the oven and I'm allowed to be in front of the TV when it's on but I'm not allowed to turn it on or be in control of the remote (and it's Match of the Day night!!)

7.25am I woke up next to my sleeping baby. I allowed myself to log onto my phone to link up a post I published the day before but couldn't link it up because of the different time zones. I said as it was important to me I'd link up but then turn my phone off. I did just that.

7.45am Realised if phone was on I'd already have Tweeted about my dream (which was horribly real) and the fact Little Man had drunk old milk..Realised I was in fact, pretty sad!

8.10am Husband came down to get ready for football (strapped to his phone). As Husband prepared to leave I soon realised there was no one to make me hot chocolate in the microwave! Nor would there be anyone for most of the day to hoover or turn on the TV for the children if they asked.

8.30am Just proved how much we re lie on technology by walking into the kitchen and turning the dryer on (which is full of work and school clothes) Soon realised my mistake, cursed myself then thought, 'that's how much I use technology, I don't even think about it! Now majorly aware of all things technological!

8.45am Husband left for football. He couldn't hoover and he didn't switch the TV on. Settling for colouring with the children instead.

10.15am Cleared out the downstairs toy box, got a nice big bag for the charity shop and a small bag of rubbish. husband came home due the match being cancelled so waiting on him to hoover! Sat with Midge and done her reading, maths and writing homework!

10.30am Just made hot chocolate the good old fashioned way- on the hob! It was a total success (obviously) but not tasting the same as my microwaved version..

11.30am Feeling peckish. Husband refuses to make me toast so just popped 2 pieces in the oven! I know some people make their cheese on toast this way but we don't even do that! ( In case you're wondering, it's 180* for 10 minutes for gluten free bread!)

11.50am- Toast was good! I forgot to turn it though but not too fussed.

2.00pm Been shopping. Midge used the self service check out (honest, I didn't touch anything not once) I nearly forgot about the ATM machines but luckily I just put the card in and Husband did the rest-phew!

2.30pm Husband using Facetime to chat..Instead of joining in I'm colouring again with the children which is really nice.

3.45pm Woke up from a half hour nap on the sofa while Husband cooked dinner. After last nights poor sleep a nap was much needed. I usually keep myself awake even when the opportunity for a nap is available by reading a book on my phone or browsing a social network.

4.00pm Baked apple pie with Husband which was nice instead of letting him getting on with it. Midge figured out the TV so they got Max and Ruby on without too much trouble..I'm surprised it's so far into the day with no TV.

4.45pm Kind of wanting to check the old phone now...Husband is constantly on his (he's just walked in with it!)

5.00pm Yey! Husband is hoovering!

5.30pm Husband has destroyed tea and I have lentil soup instead of lentil roast. Roast dinner has been re-scheduled so now heading to Wetherspoons instead!

6.45pm Had a lovely dinner but was weird not having my phone to snap photos. The children always behave so well and look so sweet when out that I love taking their photos and Husband doesn't take many.

7.00pm Midge and Little Man are playing up because they're a bit tired. I'm not feeling 100% so this is when I really want to curl up and immerse into the iPhone world!

7.40pm Both children are in bed so just waiting to see what Husband puts on TV. He has hidden my phone as was a bit tempting! I don't want to waste a whole days good work though. It's been a good experience.

That's where I finished my dairy at the end of the day. I even went to bed earlier than normal and I caught up on a lot of studying before I turned in which is really good. Here's what I learnt from my day:

-  If I use my phone as much as Husband used his then I use it a lot and that needs to change. I paid much more attention to both children and felt really relaxed colouring and playing trucks with them.Did  make me feel a bit guilty.

- I drank a lot less hot chocolate which didn't impress me! I was just too lazy to keep getting up and heating milk on the hob (shameful)

- I use my phone WAY too much. I have a really good camera and yet I use my phone? I sit and blog on it when the quality of my blog is better when using a laptop and I go on and off Twitter far too many times.

- I will probably never be parted from my phone in all honesty. What I want to do however, is spend more time with it put up somewhere (and Husbands') switch the TV off and bake, colour, craft all the things I used to do before we lived in the town. We lived in the countryside for years previously and were always out and about, hardly anything to watch. I want to make more memories and spend more time in front of happy children and less time in front of screens.

Thanks to Joanne for putting me up to this challenge.


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