Reasons To Be Cheerful: Week 2

So, I'm a bit late in posting week twos R2BC but better late than never hey? My reasons for smiling since last week are:

1) I walked Midge into her school room today and saw a little girl, who I know by name and am friendly with her mother, who was crying reading her a book. The teacher had spoken to her and then left to see to other pupils and parents, which is fair enough. I couldn't leave though and felt that I had to try to make this child happy again.
I did. I spoke to her about missing her Mummy and that she would have a great day at school then see her Mum later. I read her book then went through a hat box where I discovered some pretty cool puppets I used to get some giggles. Soon after, she hopped off her pillow, picked up a pen and started writing on the white board before the bell rang. I started my morning feeling very happy with myself and very pleased that this little girls day had changed from possibly still sobbing through the register to smiling through it instead.

2) We visited Newquay Aquarium last Saturday and had such a great time, it was the best family day out we've had in a long time. Here are some of my favourite bits:

3) Both of the children have been sleeping much better this last week which has meant I've been able to start my work out DVD and continue working on my 2013 journal as well as catching up on some studying.

4) Midge is 5 this week and I'm so excited for her to see her presents. We've bought her a scooter (I personally hate the damn things on a school run so let's just say we'll be going to the park more!) and 2 beautiful Disney dolls to go with the one she was bought at Christmas:

Finally, Little Man has been a lot more vocal. He'll be 2 next month which is just crazy because he still seems like my little baby (Mummies Boy!) he's saying his "Uh ohs" and "Oh no" along with "bye" and I think he's trying to say 'night' and 'love you' at bedtime which is adorable. His first word was actually his sisters' name which was just amazing.

There you have it, a lovely week had and I'm hoping to link up this Thuraday with some more happy offerings!

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