Getting Back to Normal

We're all back to normal here at the Cupcake House. Husband is back to his evening shifts at work, Midge is back to school which she is most pleased about and Little Man is finally on the mend.

We've had hardly any sleep for over a week now with Little Man feeling slightly worse for wear. After a trip to the doctors we collected some eye drops and a mini inhaler to help his wheezing at night. The cough is better and the eyes are getting back to normal, I'm so grateful there was nothing else wrong with him but you have to check!

We've been co sleeping with the little guy for a week (or rather just being co awake-in-the-bed-because-I-refuse-to-sleep) and now we have a few bad habits that will cause much disruption for another week or so I suspect!

Midge went to school with her invites in her book bag today. I can't quite believe she's going to be 5 next week but she's excited for her little party at home. It'll be a tight squeeze but we just don't have the money for hall parties and children's entertainers.

I have some great party bags lined up and some lovely party food ideas for this rainbow theme. I even have mini bunting with 'happy birthday' written on it; exciting!

I'm finding the evenings pretty tough at the moment. I find it incredibly difficult to let my Little Man cry and often give in after half an hour letting him stay up until Daddy gets home. The only thing that keeps me going is this: it won't last forever.