My Reasons to be Cheerful

  • I've been doing a fair bit of crafting which has kept me busy. Crafting always makes me happy!

  • Little Man is finally on the mend after being under the weather this week

  • Midge had a great time at her first party of the year at the weekend. It was lovely to see her playing with all her friends 
  • It's October. It's Autumn. It's nearly birthday! So many reasons to feel cheerful!

  • I'm really looking forward to Halloween. I've got a bag full of stuff to decorate the house with and am now planning food and crafts to finish things off!
  • My Mum has left her job. This is a reason to be cheerful because she was not happy at all. She'll be unemployed now for a few weeks before starting her new job.
  • The Husband has got back into football which is great to see. He loves his football and i'm glad he's having some 'his time' and enjoying a hobby he hasn't been able to enjoy for a couple of years 
  • I've got some lovely things coming to me in the post. I love getting mail!
  • Finally, my sister has settled in really well at university so I couldn't be happier for her.
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  1. Great reasons to be cheerful, glad that your little man is feeling better x