Day 6/31 Your 5 Senses Right Now

See- I can see some absolute rubbish on my television curtsy of Little Miss. I can also see my half eaten chocolate bar and various toys scattered across the living room floor- even though none are being played with. There also appears to be a giant Peppa Pig balloon floating about, I have no idea why...

Smell- I can smell my perfume, Lacoste Pink which is my favourite I only wear it when I really fancy it so it lasts me to each Christmas when I get a it again from Other Half. I never get bored of the smell! 

Hear- Bar this awful kids programme I can hear Little Miss playing Angry Birds on my phone (not sure which one is irritating me more to be honest!) I've been really anxious these last few weeks and as weird as it sounds I can always hear the thudding of my heart, I hate it.

Taste- My orange flavour chocolate. Surprising lush chocolate considering it's dairy free. Morrisons wins again in the Free From front!

Touch- I'm snuggled in my duvet which is incredibly soft, great for a perfect lazy Sunday before I start on the roast dinner. My keyboard feels a bit sticky as Little Man helped himself to my cornflakes this morning before proceeding to then touch anything within reach. I thought I cleaned it but obviously not well enough! Ew.

Click the badge below to see what everyone else is 'sensing' today. I wasn't expecting a prompt like this, very different yet interesting!


  1. I agree! It was very different but also very fun to do! I am enjoying this challenge! :)

    1. Me too Stacey as ive lost my blogging mojo lately its perfect for keeping it going! x

  2. I'm enjoying the variety of these posts, and the wee glimpse into everyone else's Sunday!

  3. Ooh I wish I had a Morrissons nearby. I'm stuck with the Free From section at Sainsburys and it is NOT very good. :(

  4. I have child grime on my computer too. I haven't tried to clean it off though. Just pretending it's not there. :)

  5. Lovely Sunday! What kind of roast are you making? :)