Top 5 Beauty Products!

This weeks Listography is to list our top 5 beauty products. Mine is nothing like the other blog posts I've seen this week and that's because I don't really wear make up! Anything looks orange on me so I live with those pesky eye bags (that don't really get hidden in my opinion anyway!).

1) Vaseline

I love this stuff it's great for many things. Okay so it's not great stuff (check they ingredients) but hey, my lips always feel great, it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg and a bit on the eyelids also makes them look pretty!

2) Lacoste Hand Cream

I love Lacoste products they smell so, so nice. In 2010 Other Half got me the perfume and I fell in love with it. For Christmas 2011 I got the whole set and I love the handcream. A little goes a long way and my hands smell divine.

3) Stargazer Pink Nail Polish

Yes it has to be pink! I love having pink toes and sometimes i'll paint my finger nails the same colour which is awfuly pretty. Superdrug sells this cheap nail polish but even though it's cheap it isn't total crap. Does it last as long as more pricey brands? Okay no but I still like it!

4) Eye lash curlers

Not essentially a beauty product in terms of something I can cover myself or make myself feel lovely with but I have really long eye lashes so eye curlers are the number one for me when I feel like feeling a bit better about myself and brightening my eyes up. It surprises me how big my eyes can look...I have a Cosmopolitan eyelash curler but I'm open to recommendations please!

 5) Nivea body cream

I have a tiny little tub I use on my face when it feels dry. Wonderful stuff!

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  1. Lovely list! I don't really wear make up either, and I don't have a lot of beauty products. I used to use eyelash curlers all the time as a teenager but I stopped using them as I wasn't sure that they made much difference, maybe it's time to give them another go!

    1. Thanks! I don't have hardly any (you may have guessed!) but I really do love eye lash curlers, I think you should break them out again!

  2. Well Vaseline is definitely the most popular so far, and who could survive without eyelash curlers!

  3. I have eyelash curlers somewhere but always forget to use them.