Free From Vegan Cheesecake- You Have To Try!

Even if you're not vegan or free from anything that might make your tummy a bit grumpy (or pretty ill in my case) I still recommend you give this really easy cheesecake a go. It's super quick, super tasty and really good for you!

You will need:
2 packets of Free From digestives
1 packet of frozen fruit (I use mixed berries)
4 Tbsp Caster Sugar
1 box (340g) Silken Tofu - You can buy this from your local Health Food Store or supermarket

First of all you want to crush your digestives. I slung mine in the tin I was using and crushed them with the end of my rolling pin. Other ways are popping your biscuits into a bag while bashing them...I prefer my way, releases any stress you may have without a bag popping over your kitchen work top!

Next, pop the Silken Tofu into a bowl, give it a good wizz and add your frozen fruit. Give this a blitz until your mix is nice and smooth. At this point I add a few spoons of caster sugar as the fruit can be quite bitter. Completely up to you and your taste buds though.

Pour the fruit and tofu mixture on top of your crushed digestives and there you have it - one super easy Free From Vegan Cheesecake!
You could eat from the tin after a few hours or leave in the fridge over night and pop out of the tin before serving.

A truly delicious treat any time of the year but especially in the summer months! I love bringing one of these cheescakes to a birthday party or special occasion. 


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