Finding Old Photos...

I have 2 cameras. One is a simple point and shoot little slip of a thing which I love and was given to me by Other Half for Christmas last year. The other one is my Fuji Film SLR which I was given shortly after Little Man was born. I love to take photos and the other day I went out with Other Half and Little Man for lunch. On the way home I decided to slip into the Church to take some photos of the graveyard which looks really pretty in the spring.

I turned on my camera to find I had only gone and left my SD card at home and in my laptop from the previous night uploading pictures! I really hate it when I do this because there is a real limit on the internal memory of a camera so I was forced to be very selective with my photography that afternoon!

I've just sat down to upload yesterdays photos and I was really happy when I saw some very old photos pop up on my screen. I thought I'd show you these few photos I have found that made me smile after a bit of a long day.

Little Man would've been about a few months old here. He has changed so much already.

Cupcake Mumma