Finding Old Photos...

I have 2 cameras. One is a simple point and shoot little slip of a thing which I love and was given to me by Other Half for Christmas last year. The other one is my Fuji Film SLR which I was given shortly after Little Man was born. I love to take photos and the other day I went out with Other Half and Little Man for lunch. On the way home I decided to slip into the Church to take some photos of the graveyard which looks really pretty in the spring.

I turned on my camera to find I had only gone and left my SD card at home and in my laptop from the previous night uploading pictures! I really hate it when I do this because there is a real limit on the internal memory of a camera so I was forced to be very selective with my photography that afternoon!

I've just sat down to upload yesterdays photos and I was really happy when I saw some very old photos pop up on my screen. I thought I'd show you these few photos I have found that made me smile after a bit of a long day.

Little Man would've been about a few months old here. He has changed so much already.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. It's so lovely when you find the time to look at old photo's especially of your bubba's! It makes you go all melty inside doesn't it! Your little man looks gorgey here x