Birthday Boy!

Little Man turned One today and what a lovely day we did have. I thought we would have mobiles ringing and the land-line sounding off but no nothing. Both the children were asleep until 8am which was great considering I left baking cake, blowing balloons up and writing cards until nearly 11pm.

I didn't wrap presents this year, I thought there was little point to be honest so Little Man would be all excited to see his toys sat there ready and waiting for him. Little Miss helped him open his cards and showed him what she had picked out in the supermarket. He loved his musical instruments and at under a pound each I was loving them too! Who says birthdays have to be expensive hey?

We bought him a walker he could push along but he's not too into that right now. Give it time. First of all we had the pleasure of seeing Little Mans Nannie and 2 of her Aunties. Typically he was asleep so by the time he had awoken both my parents had turned up with my Uncle and Aunt as a surprise. We opened his presents, had a natter before my side left and then we lit his candle singing Happy Birthday before everyone (well, a part from Little Miss) tucked into some homemade lemon cake. Yummy!

We made a surprise visit to Other Half's sister and husband being that it was easier for us to go to them than them to come to us! It was a lovely brief visit as we had to dash when it became apparent some more family had turned up on my doorstep unbeknownst to me! Still, more presents and cuddles is never a bad thing is it?

Little Man and his Aunt

Other Half took it to himself as a challenge to blow up the entire contents of birthday balloons..he was successful and now my floor is littered with these multicoloured nuisances. The children would be distraught if I popped them so i'll have to put up with them.
Both children are now warm and snug in their beds and I am shattered. But there is blogging to do, e-mails to return and a house to tidy...or I could just park my bottom and watch Gavin and Stacey til my hearts content!

Happy Birthday Little Man, what a wonderful day! xxxx


  1. He is so adorable. Happy Birthday little guy!

  2. Aww happy birthday to little man! I hope you all had a lovely time! x