Uh, Is It Bedtime Yet I've had a long day!

Oh I've had some day. Earlier I was a right moody arse but at least now I can chuckle about it! It hasn't been terrible just I've been a bit 'off' and staying up until 1am to watch Harry Potter film number 2 probably wasn't my most intelligent moment of all time, not now I'm a fully fledged Yummy Slummy Mummy.

Sooo anyway, I spent up until 11.30am being a grumpy little brat, curled up on the sofa reading blogs and feeding Little Man before his nap. I was feeling a little down, a little tired and wanted to kill anyone who dare said the 'C' word anywhere near me (including the TV people) simply because I feel completely non Christmassy at the moment. I think it's because my house still isn't how I wanted it to be before the time came round and it isn't likely to start getting there anytime soon. Also I can't put these decks up as the walls are too hard and the ceiling too far away (and I don't have the balance for a chair.)

Hey, I'm moaning again, this post was not meant for moaning I promise you! I ventured out and bought a new buggy, fidgety baby in one arm and demented toddler running off ahead in front. I managed to find a nice Ora pushchair for under 40.00 so I was happy. My other pushchair has sort of given up the ghost. I'm still keeping it though, it only has minor collapsing problems but will still be fine for a newborn if we so desire another one of those in the future.Anyway, this pushchair is smaller (but has a wider seat for my ever growth spurting boy) it is purple but not a bright purple so I think he gets away with sitting in it (not that we care much)

After this I figured I might need to buy some buggy hooks to help me carry my shopping home in..Was there anything anywhere..No. So for now I'll be tying my bags to my pushchair or doing my food shop online (which I hate to do because of my 'that's the price for delivery!!!??' rant hurts even my ears.)
Then I had to proceed to the shops (stuck behind the slowest people on Earth I swear) with Little Man wanting  his milk, to look for something suitable for Little Miss to wear to her children's party/Santa meeting tomorrow, so look out for photos of that!

Can you believe I found nothing? I had to go with a pair of tights (Hello Kitty no less) which I was pleased to see were reduced. Okay, so I could've got plenty of clothing items but being a tight fisted cow with my pennies I was refusing to shell out 20 quid on a jumper dress..It's not happening I thought. After we exhausted every option in town and the temperature had started to drop we headed to home where Little Man was fed and Little Miss found some clothes she could wear tomorrow. She's done well. Okay well enough to be comfortable, but who said it was a competition?

Now I'm off to teach her the rules of Musical Statues (serious competition) and to think lucky for winning some raffle prizes. Ill let you know if either happen, plus what my little cherubs get off Santa tomorrow.
Hannah x

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