Impromptu Family Day Out:

Taking full advantage of a rare weekday off school because of the teacher strikes, Jay and I organised ourselves early and we all set off for the train station to have a lovely few hours at Penzance.

I bought 2 Christmas presents for family and Jay treated me to a new pair of jeans (they're peach which is totally new to me!) but they look really nice on which I wasn't expecting! We looked around the charity shops and Midge bought this wonderful, well loved child's rucksack with her pocket money.

 She also bought herself and Little A some chocolate buttons to share (I didn't tell her to which was very sweet)

Jay bought some toys for Little A, a fire truck and a tractor which helped an overtired  meltdown for a bit. The meltdown was soon forgotten on the return home as both children loved their train journey:

And Midge brought her little friend Red Ted along for the ride:

So, with train rides, chips on the sea front, shopping and being together as a family we had a good day off the school run. We had a great day actually and I hope you did too despite the fact these strikes can throw up some issues for us parents.


16 comments on "Impromptu Family Day Out:"
  1. awwww.. a nice day! my son's school is not included in the strike =P so its a normal day for us so thanks for sharing this =)

    1. Thanks for your comment! I'm pleased your sons schools wasn't affected it can be a right pain for some!

  2. Aw! So lovely :) We did something similar when our teachers were on strike, was absolutely needed! And HOW cute is your little girl for doing that?! (that packpack is uber cute too - is it handmade??) xx

    1. Thanks it was a great day! I don't think it is handmade but it was a lovely find :-) xx

  3. Looks like a really lovely day out, and how nice of Midge to share her chocolate buttons :)

  4. Sounds like a fab day! Love the hats and wellies, very cute :) #BlogLoveDay11

  5. I think impromptu days out are the best sometimes. And chips on the seafront sounds bliss. It's been too long since I've done that!

    1. Ah hope you get to find a dry day and have a long overdue fish and chip meal out!

  6. Sounds like a lovely day! I always find that impromptu days work out best, perhaps because you don't have the same expectations of a planned day out!

    1. I think you're right jennifer. It's probably why i like them so much too xx

  7. Sounds like you are totally making the best of this time! My kids would so love riding on the train. There is one that goes to downtown LA we have just never taken it yet.

    1. Oh i hope you go some day and when you do, don't forget to write about it!


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