Saturday, 1 August 2015

Summer Plans ~ Featuring Roberson Wine!

We are now 1 week into our summer holidays and so far, it's been pretty chilled. We have seen plenty of family already and are planning to see more in just a couple of weeks (we are very excited about this!) We have enjoyed the sun on our back garden, done some messy and imaginative play but we have plenty more to look forward to!

Beach Trips!

As we live in Cornwall it would be rude to not pay a visit to the beach at least a few times! I would like to visit my parents who live right by the beach and a beautiful harbour and team up with Mr B's sister and her 4 little ones for a big old family beach day out! I think it'll be great fun..Get out the bucket and spades!

Family BBQ's

We need to have a few of these! It's my Mums' birthday this month so I think we will have to have one for that (so long as we are blessed with the weather!) I also want to get family over to our house when we have bought ourselves plenty of BBQ bits. I want to share this Roberson Wine info graphic with you, I had NO idea you could make cocktails with wine! I've only recently started having a small glass of wine or a little bit of Mr B's cider but I've never made cocktails and they seem like something fun to introduce to a family BBQ! I particularly like the sound of the Red Hot Summer cocktail. How about you?


Local Museum Trips

We live near a modest sized museum in Truro which costs you about a fiver to enter and then you have free entry for the whole year! I really love the museum and I know a friend of mine does too so we are going to take both of our brood on the train to enjoy some museum based crafts, see a mummy and explore some Cornish heritage. 

Midges Picks:

Midge wants to get her ears pierced and take an open top bus around Penzance with all of us plus Grandma. I'm really pleased about this because I've not been on an open top bus around Cornwall since I was quite young!

Little A's Picks:

Little A has requested a bouncy castle. Now, there is actually a park locally where on a very good day they put up a selection of bouncy castles for the children to play on. I'm not sure if we'll do this but it does sound fun for both of them. He also wants to camp out in the garden again and I'm up for that!

What are you plans for summer? 

Cupcake Mumma

*This post was written in partnership with Roberson Wine

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Summer Holidays Week 1 ~

I'm writing this from my sofa, all tucked up under a duvet with my fluffy hat on. I've wanted to blog much like I've wanted to take the children to get a hot chocolate, order my shopping, meet my cousins whom I haven't seen in a year, make playdoh and eat cakes. Yes I can still do all these in time but I'm more than a little annoyed that a whole week has been lost to tonsillitis. Bloody, horrible, energy sucking tonsillitis. I didn't even know it could make you so ill!

The children have been so good. I'm very lucky that both children like a lay in and Midge is very independent in many ways. She made sandwiches for her and little A to have lunch which was very sweet. I have been there I should point out, I'm not sure how I've stayed awake until my Husband got home from work but I have managed it!

Midge baked her own cupcakes with very little help from me. This was on Monday when my throat was just sore and not 'Argh! My throat is killing me' sore you know? They tasted amazing. Mostly they have been watching TV, playing on phones, playing imaginary games, playing with their toys and bickering (not too much of that though I must admit!) Mr B did take Midge to watch a football game yesterday and today he has taken both of them to see a friend and watch football again so they've had some fresh air!

I'm really disappointed I got so ill but I'm glad it wasn't later because of our planned holiday. Now I'm just hoping they don't get sick and I get better by the weekend!

Cupcake Mumma

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Last Day ~ A Mix of Emotions!

Today marked the last day of school for my two. I had to convince Little A that his last day was yesterday because he's come down with a bug which started this morning, poor thing. Midge has had her last day though and had a great time saying goodbye to everyone and watching DVDs. The school have spent 3 weeks doing lots of fun activities with the children which is so nice.

I'm very excited for Midge. I felt sad watching her play last week because I realised that would be her last play of KS1, my little girl is growing up and fast. I am excited for her though because she has gained a lot of confidence in this year and I know KS2 will bring lots more opportunities for her to learn and grow in many ways. In the first week back there is an activity day and camping at school. This will be a big deal for Midge, I'm planning on getting her to sleep over at her cousins and my mums house in preparation.

Midge has had a great year with really good attendance which would have been perfect if not for those pesky ear aches (must be inherited!) she had several awards for hard work and had a good day at a sports event to build her confidence. She's made more friends and strengthened those ones that have been there for the longest. We have had no problems with Midge, we just want to help build her confidence and help her anxieties, she's very much like I was as a youngster so naturally I'm trying to guide her in fighting what she's afraid of.

Little A has also had an amazing year. It has been a long one and often hard, filled with meetings and appointments but we have got to the end and he is a totally different child to the one who started last year. When he started nursery I was often heart broken at not being able to understand my own son. Now we chat all the time and although others can't always understand him I can now translate! Great feeling! The nursery staff have been truly amazing and I will miss them so very much. I feel sad because he had such amazing teachers, the same ones Midge had and there has not been another teacher to match up to their standards so far! He does have a wonderful teacher next year I'm pleased to say. It's also the end of many things. No more nursery, ever. No more morning hot chocolate dates sat with my Little Man and talking, playing and relaxing before popping to the library and then heading to school. No more piggy backs on the way to school in the afternoon (I can't do mum taxi in the mornings!) No more 9.05am train to watch with my train loving buddy. No more spontaneous breakfasts at Spoons. A money saver of course but man will I miss those. Of course we'll make new routines and maybe I'll bring the odd babychino to school at pick up!

So yes, a mix of emotions but I know we're heading on a brand new education journey with Midge entering year 3 and starting more in depth work and swimming and Little A starting Reception where he'll start learning to read and write but still have loads of fun!

Happy holidays everyone, I'm going to be sharing our summer on the blog and I can't wait to read everyone else's holiday posts too.

Cupcake Mumma
A Cornish Mum

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Our Week That Was Captured Week 26

Hello! Another week has gone, I'm now on day 2 of the last week of school and my how I am looking forward to not having an alarm to get up to in the morning! Right, on to last week and what we got up to.
My lovely heart rhythm which was just fascinating, can't help myself! //New childrens book which is fab//Lovely sandwich from the local deli// Peanut butter cup

Monday wasn't a good day for me! Anything that could go wrong today did. I was running late for both school and nursery and half way through the day I was having such bad palpitations and trouble breathing I sat for an hour with a paramedic who was very nice and very reassuring. It was simply one huge panic attack. I was given the all clear and saw my GP later that day who gave me some medicine to take which is simply there if I need it. My anxiety has been a big problem for a month now and I'm not sure why, it's very difficult. The children were really good and we had an easy evening.

On Tuesday Mr B and I saw Midge do her play at school. This years play was called Pirates and Mermaids. It kicked in watching her do her singing and dancing as a beautiful little mermaid that this would be her last ever KS1 play. Forever. My girl is growing up and there's sweet FA I can do about it *sob* On Wednesday I made a giant Reeces peanut butter cup that was very crumbly but very tasty. My nephew helped me out with the mixing and the rest of the clan who visited for dinner helped with the eating!

Midge as a mermaid//O helping me in the kitchen//Romantic chicken pie//Costa date//Library- so peaceful//Sports day star!

On Friday I totally missed a consultation for little A and no amount of fast walking was going to make it better. I called, spoke to a lovely receptionist and had it rescheduled. Sadly it's in September but it's better than nothing and was my fault! We sat and had a Costa instead which was very nice indeed before heading off to nursery. I returned later on after a solo trip to the library to watch A in his sports day which was a lot of fun. At the end was a parents space hopper race which was quite hilarious and yes, I did take part but no, I did not win. I came sixth which is better than last (and I don't care what anyone says!)

Cupcake Mumma

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Mouse & The Crocodile by Lorraine Catterall ~ Childrens Book Review

Hey everyone, today I want to show you this beautiful book I was sent for Little A to read by the author herself, Lorraine Catterall. This book, The mouse & The Crocodile is going to be a part of a series of books titled The Unlikeliest of Friends. 

Each page is written with short paragraphs, features easy to read print (so my 7 year old, Midge, can read it) and flows beautifully from page to page thanks to rhyming and the opportunity for plenty of character changes (I'm not the only one who is a fan of doing the voices am I?) 

All illustrations are by Fanny Liem and they are so beautifully done. They are bold and appealing to my 4 year old (even a tarantula called Terry which my son quite liked and considering he's not a spider fan (not even in books!) I thought this was a plus!)

The story itself is all about a rather sweet crocodile called Master Croc who befriends a mouse when he becomes lost trying to find his home. Along the way they encounter several other friendly animals and together go on a journey to find Master Croc his home and family. They share sadness, fear, excitement and happiness together despite the fact you wouldn't think they could . What a lovely tale!

You can purchase Lorraine's book here on Amazon and follow her site Lorraines Books. You can also find Lorraines Books on Facebook. I hope you love it as much as we have! Let me know what you think of The Mouse & The Crocodile!

Cupcake Mumma

The Twinkle Diaries

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Freeing my Boobs with Mish Lingerie and Panache! #FreeTheSqueeze

About a week ago now I was invited to attend a blogger event here in Cornwall by Mish Lingerie with Panache. I was super excited to be invited and couldn't wait to find out more. We were to have a talk about Mish Lingerie and Panache, see some beautiful underwear and swimwear by Panache which Mish stocks and then see some more underwear in their upcoming Autumn/Winter range. We were also told to look forward to a Cornish lunch and a professional fitting! I was concerned that no bra would fit  being a 36B (or so I thought!) but after I checked online I knew they'd carry ranges for the smaller busted woman as well.

The day arrived and I was collected from the station by Stevie aka A Cornish Mum. We quickly clicked and had a nice chat before finding Mish Lingerie without too much trouble. Inside I met Mish and her fab team, Zehra who was there to represent Panache (and who did my bra fitting) and the other ladies attending the event ranging from bloggers and WI members to willing volunteer models! 

First Zehra spoke about Panache, which was first established in 1982 and has grown massively over the years. We started by looking at one of its ranges. (Panache has many ranges including Panache Black, Cleo by Panache, Sculptresse and Panache Swim) The Panache Sports bra has won several awards in 2012 and 2013. Mish talked about how comfortable they are as a wearer herself and demonstrated their fit and flexibility. You can read Sam's post about Panache Sports Bras below. These sports bras go up to a H cup but are going up to a J cup for the A/W range. There are now more colours to choose from and I liked the racer back style for more support. There is now also a sports swimsuit available too!

Next we got to view some lovely swimwear and lingerie both available and some sneak previews of the A/W range coming soon. All the lingerie looked very supportive and pretty! I'd like to say a big thank-you to these lovely ladies for modelling the lingerie for us, everyone had great fun and it was great to look at the underwear and swimwear on women that are more my size and not airbrushed. 

Penny in Cleo by Panache Lucille Bandeau bikini I really loved this bikini, was one of my favourite items on the day.

Bikini Elle by Panache modelled by Jocelyn  and  tankini being modelled by Claire. Hidden bra in the tankini to give you that extra support and confidence.

Nautical swimwear Claire in a bikini (you can move the bow!) and Penny showing off the tankini. Claire in a longline bra. I nearly bought a Panache longline bra but went with my t-shirt bra instead! They are very comfy. All sets to come!

Tallulah by Panache Swimsuit with bra for that extra support!

The ladies showing off the coming soon Autumn/Winter range. 1) Tango bra and knickers 2) Kitty by Sculptresse with high wasted knickers. Gorgeous colour 3) Cleo Baby doll, beautiful. All by Panache.
Mish spoke to us about her store in Bodmin and we had a chance to ask some questions. Mish then spoke to us about bras in general and in particular about fitting and caring for our bras. A few things I picked up, about 80% of women are most likely wearing the wrong bra, Mish reckons by their experience this could be more like 90% which is sadly not surprising!

When wearing your bra you should not feel like it is extremely tight. The band should not ride up your back and if you can fit your whole hand between your band and back then you need to get it checked! Your boobs should not be squashed, your straps shouldn't pinch you and you should be able to only lift them about an inch- so if yours reaches your ears, again, get those boobs fitted! A woman's body changes many times in her life and anything from medication, breastfeeding, pregnancy, losing weight, gaining weight, hormones can change the size of your boobs so it's important to get fitted properly if you notice any of the above. As for bra care, avoid washing bras in the washing machine, especially moulded ones. Instead, opt for washing in the shower!

After lunch (which was yummy!) we had a bra fitting. The lovely Zehra fitted me. So here's the moment you were all waiting for yes? I walked into the event wearing a horrible looking 36B bra and came out a...34DD! The difference! I think all of us were wearing the wrong size and we all left feeling pretty chuffed with our new sizes and with the knowledge we were going to be supported and more comfortable in future!

I'd like to say a big thank you to Mish and all her staff at Mish Lingerie for inviting me, catering for me and for their gifted items (which will be blogged soon), also to Panache for their goodie bag, fitting and for making beautiful lingerie!

Goodie Bag!

Please read these other blogs all about the #FreeTheSqueeze event!

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Cupcake Mumma

A Cornish Mum

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Spoonie Survival Kits ~ A Guest Post by Pippa

Today I bring you a guest post from Pippa who I found via Instagram. I quickly found her GoFundMe page which helps her produce what are known as Spoonie Survival Kits. I donated and thought, why not get a post out to raise awareness of this fantastic idea that helps brighten the day of chronic illness suffers? I'll hand over to Pippa now, please do share this post!

Hey everyone! The lovely CupcakeMumma invited me to write a post for her blog, so let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Pippa and I’m 20 years old. I am about to go into my final year of studying Psychology and Education at university, which I really enjoy. I live with a handful of chronic conditions including ME and Anaphylaxis, and would like to work in the field of chronic health in the future.

Each bag is a surprise for the recipient and tailor made for them.
Bags are £2.99-£6.00

In April, I began a little fundraising project called Spoonie Survival Kits. I decided to make some little bags of happiness tailored specifically towards those who live with chronic illnesses. I wanted the kits to contain items that would provide comfort to the recipient and remind them that they’re not alone. Being chronically ill is not easy, and I wanted to give a gift that people could treasure and turn back to on the bad days.

I use kind donations and my own money to create the kits, and then sell them online. 25% of the funds raised go into creating more kits and different products, and 75% goes to Action For ME; a charity that promotes awareness for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

The first few batches of kits have sold out almost immediately and the spoonie community has really got behind what I’m doing, and because of this I’ve been able to expand my project. As well as the kits, we now sell a range of items including bracelets and quote cards. I have two lovely volunteers and also have volunteering opportunities for other spoonies, many of whom have been crafting items to go in future kits. We are a non-profit organisation made for spoonies by spoonies, and we’re on a mission to spread some love to those who need it!

Some of Pippas wonderful kits made up ready for posting!

If anybody would like to find out more or get involved, please email spooniesurvivalkits(at) or have a chat to me on social media; I’m on Twitter and Instagram!

Love and spoons,


Thank you so much to Pippa for sharing her story and her fantastic work. If you know a sufferer of chronic illness do you think a Spoonie Survival Kit would help them on a bad day? If you are a chronic illness sufferer, I'd love to know if you've had a kit and if it helped you. Look out for a future post where I'll be giving away several items from Pippa's store that I have purchased!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

To my Children, My Parenting Sins...

We all have parenting 'sins.' Those things we've done that we're not too keen to share with friends or even family (sometimes we don't even tell our other halves for a while!) I thought it would be fun to list a few my most memorable parenting sins and share them with you, my readers and of course for my children in the future (because they will undoubtedly commit these sins themselves!)

1) Pretending the most delicious items of food in the house have been scoffed by Mr B/ the dog/ a random visitor (delete as appropriate) Sometimes children are vultures. Mine included. If I have any chance of getting something tasty for myself sometimes the only way is to hide the desired item (this isn't always a success) or just out right lie to their cute little faces.

2) Laughing when they are in unfortunate circumstances like say...fallen down the toilet. There are those parents who rush immediately to their aid and then there are parents who will film the event and post it to You Tube. I fall in the middle camp which involves rushing to their aid but then seeing a pair of little legs waving in the air with their little butts stuck in the loo and their faces which look as if they don't know whether to laugh or cry just cracks me up. Give me 1 minute to compose myself and I am able to assist once again...with giggles...

3) Blaming a child for something I did...Oh the shame. I once fancied myself as a bit of a hairdresser (I wanted to save money on a trim) so I trimmed Midges hair. Naturally, not being even slightly gifted in the hair department I loped a bit too much off and it was wonky. To avoid the embarrassment of owning up I blamed the whole 'incident' on my 2 year old scissor wielding son Little A and had Mr B had to take Midge to the hair dressers. She never once said I chopped her lovely locks, even she some how bought that Little A had snipped her hair and she returned a half hour later with a lovely looking bob...I still feel guilty for this one.

4) Counting the paddling pool as a bath: Nice day, two children in need of a wash, paddling pool goes out, two children happy, add a bit of bubbles and there you go; two children having fun, outside, in water, with soap. You can thank me later (or not..)

5)Using screen based baby sitters. iPhones handed over when little feet keep getting out of bed. Cartoons on TV so I can wash up, or read a book, or drink a hot drink. The laptop with some Netflix chucked on so I can just sit on my arse..and so on.

6) Saving old, more expensive cereal boxes and placing new, cheaper cereal bags into the boxes. So far this has worked and saved me a fortune. No mum guilt here! (It's still a bit crafty though!)

So there you go, a few parenting sins, there's many more I could share but I would like to here your parenting sins. Leave me a comment or even write a blog post to share with me!

Cupcake Mumma

The Twinkle Diaries

Monday, 13 July 2015

Our Week That Was ~ Week 25

I haven't had my phone to hand much this week when out and about so there aren't that many photos this week. I took A on a hot chocolate date before nursery, we also window shopped and checked out the children's mags. It was nice to take my mind off some things at home. On Wednesday I went to a blog event in Bodmin. I was picked up by Stevie (A Cornish Mum) from St. Austell who was lovely and so easy to get along with. At the event we had a talk about Panache, learnt how Mish Lingerie got started, checked out Panache's range of underwear (with a sneak peak at their new autumn/winter range) then we had a yummy lunch (yes! Even I was catered for thank you!) We then had a bra fitting before leaving with our goody bags and gifted underwear. I had a lovely day. I was greeted from the station by the children and Mr B which was very nice.

Homemade hot choc// Little A date// Little A gave his teacher this snow globe//Tickets to St.Austall// Newly painted nails and purse//Gingerbread women at Mish Lingerie 

A talk from Panache//Lunch!//Claire modelling for us//Little A//Chocolate crispie cakes//Singing happy birthday to Midge 6 months early!
I met a mum from nursery on Friday, it was our first 'mum date' as I've labelled it! It was so nice, we got on really well, I had baby cuddles and we chatted for over two hours taking us up to school collection time! I enjoyed a lovely hot chocolate and Costa's new egg and sundried tomato wrap was delicious. No photos because I refuse to scare off a new and very much needed friend!! On Saturday I had a lay in and Mr B cooked me sausage & bacon toasties for breakfast *love him!* The children made rice crispie cakes with very little help from me and played together nicely for most of the day. 
Next week is Little A's sports day, Midge has some fun activities planned at school but I don't have any plans! I'm starting to look at volunteering opportunities, just need to see what I feel like doing.

How was your week?

Cupcake Mumma


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful ~ Lingerie & Hot Chocolate!

I've had a pretty good week this week! I've had some lovely hot chocolate dates this week the first at home with well, myself actually! Hot chocolate, Little A playing nicely it was a perfect moment. I took A for a date on Tuesday with his new hair do which I love. He gets so hot with his thick locks (even though his hair is gorgeous!)

I had a costa date with a new mum friend on Friday! It's taken us weeks and weeks of just casual hellos and quick chats, then longer chats when we realised we walked the same way. One day two weeks ago I handed my number over, she actually text me unlike several other mums last year and finally we had lunch and a hot chocolate. I had a genuine 'I'm so friggin happy moment' talking, getting along really well, having baby cuddles. It was a lovely couple hours before the school pick up.

Lastly, I attended a blogging event in Bodmin last Wednesday. I went with stevie from A Cornish Mum and met several other bloggers, 3 lovely volunteer customers who were posing in the underwear and swimwear ranges and a couple of ladies from the local WI as well as Mish herself, her lovely staff and forgive me I cannot remember your name but lady from Panache who also fitted me you were lovely!

We had a yummy lunch, got fitted professionally and went home with gifted underwear and a Panache goodie bag. Can't wait to write about the event real soon!

Cupcake Mumma

Ojo's World

A Cornish Mum