Monday, 20 April 2015

Quiet Time...A to Z Challenge

Today has been really rather lovely. I had a lay in (a quiet one too as both children were sleeping in, one in her room and the other in my arms.) I made a cooked breakfast and I also made my Husband a sausage sandwich to help his hangover along. It must have worked because he was out painting the front of our house after a shower for 2 hours! He even mowed the lawn and I got to do some blogging and read this fab new book by Caitlin Moran (above) It's a really good book. Not the best I've ever read granted but it's still a good read that I'm kind of reluctant to put down. It's nice to read a book about a teen again, I'm so used to reading books now that are based on much older characters and sometimes it's nice to go back a bit.

I hope your Sundays were as good as mine whether they were just as quiet or much more noisy!

Cupcake Mumma

Saturday, 18 April 2015

#Paperhaul April! ~ A to Z Challenge

#Paperhaul has now been dropping through my letter box for 4 months and I absolutely love it! This months theme is balloons and it has totally outdone any previous favourites- I love this box!

Below are images of the unique stationery I received in this months #Paperhaul Box, 

You get 2 papers with a print on each side. This month the prints are hard to chose from!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Only a Phone... A-Z Challenge

Two days ago I was walking to collect my children from school, slightly weighed down by gift bags as we were heading to my niece and nephews' birthday party soon after. I was about to put my phone back into my pocket after speaking with my husband when it just slipped through my hand and went screen down onto the concrete. I was gutted!

Okay, I know it's just a phone. I'm missing it though and I know that sounds maybe a bit pathetic. I really don't care. I have several friends that I like to keep in touch with because they're both having a tough time at the moment. It's much easier to keep up with each other with texts throughout the day rather than calling once in a while where we're surrounded by bickering toddlers and can't hear a word the other is saying. I'm going to use my skype on the laptop to keep in touch with one but gosh I miss just firing off a text to them and to my Husband!

I also miss my camera on it. My actual cameras have cards that no longer fit into my new laptop. Of course now I've had them both for about 4 years the cables are well, goodness knows where. Yes I'd like to use them but my phone camera is so good and it's so quick and easy to load my photos up that I miss it. I take a lot of photos of my children and what I get up to throughout my day so I'm not embarrassed to say I'm a little lost without it!

I feel I have a good balance in life with my phone. I'm not obsessed, I'm just used to a certain way of doing things. Short cuts if you like. Checking my money on the go, snapping my day, keeping in touch with those closest to me in a quick and easy way when they're away (hubby) going through a tough time or possibly in labour! I write a lot, I love reading, I do 'stuff' with my children but yes, I miss my phone. Here's hoping it's fixed within the week!

Cupcake Mumma

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Nothing but Happy Thoughts! ~ A-Z Challenge

It's Thursday, so I thought as I'm in a pretty good frame of mind today I could use the lovely Reasons to be Cheerful link up to spread some cheer and to also use it as today's letter on the A to Z challenge; because today I really do feel there's Nothing but Happiness!

1) Firstly it's proud Mumma moments. Midge has been doing so well with her reading she's now going steadily through her set books and her teacher has moved her up to a different phonics group. I'm so proud of her. Now we are working on her confidence! Also, Little A is talking like nobodies business and it doesn't matter if I'm the only one who can sometimes understand him, I have waited for this time for so, so long!

2) Today, like many parents and carers we awaited the school admissions here in the UK. I'm pleased to say my Little A is indeed going to the same primary as his big sister. I'm over the flipping moon!

3) Although I dropped my phone today and smashed the screen, I'm pleased that hopefully it'll get fixed quickly and it's not going to cost the arm and leg I was expecting! Small things hey?

4) A part from my weight I am in general in a good place. The children are happy, I'm not too uptight about the house being totally the opposite of how I want it, I've had fun this week playing with make up too and I'm really pleased that my lowered dose of anxiety medication seems to be going well for me.

What are your Reasons to be Cheerful this week?

Cupcake Mumma

Ojos World

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My Week That Was ~ Week 15 ~ A to Z Challenge

I'm really late posting My Week That Was post but it's better late than never in my book! Last week was the last of the Easter holidays. I kicked off Monday well with a trip to Costa for the little ones. The staff there love my two and they love to be polite and help tidy their mugs and spoons away when we've finished. It's adorable.

We didn't do a lot last week so I won't break it all down into days a part from the weekend. We did a camp out in our lounge during the week, made homemade S'mores after a spontaneous trip to the supermarket and the children played out front on their bikes whilst I dug up some weeds and then sunned myself for a while!

At the weekend we visited my mums house where we chilled out for a few hours. I got to catch up with my parents, visit a charity shop there where I found several books I'd been after for ages and we went to the local beach with my sister for sand and sea fun (including chasing Midge around with seaweed!)

Beautiful sunset on Tuesday// Postcards and gift from my friend who was holidaying in New Zealand// Sunning myself in the garden// Homemade S'more// Friday morning photo by Midge// Hubby won the league on Saturday// My yummy dessert on Saturday// Playing at the beach// My babies and me at the harbour

Such a good way to end the week. Hope yours was good too.

Cupcake Mumma

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Lowering the Dose Part II ~ A-Z Challenege

A few weeks ago I wrote Lowering the Dose which looking back is a little all over the place and not great writing by any standards but it was me, in that moment, at that time and I won't go back editing things out or deleting words I felt at that time of writing. I hope this post comes across a bit less jumbled if you like.

So how is the lower dose going? It's going good. I am now on a 10mg dose of my medication for anxiety and low mood. I remember when I lowered my meds last year I was anxious, nervous, irritable but this time is different. I found initially I a bit short tempered and admittedly I wasn't the happiest person to be around. I wasn't sure if this was normal and started to consider a return trip to the doctors. As it turns out a week and a bit later I started to feel brighter, it was all fairly normal if not a little unpleasant.

Now I am feeling much better. My low moods are more to do with my over thinking or attitude rather than anything a pill can help with so yes, it is still a battle. I'm struggling at the moment with my confidence due to my weight and my excessive blushing. I will get through it though. A memory triggered something and it has placed me in a vulnerable place blushing wise so I find I am thinking about it more which means I am doing it more. I am experimenting with make up and am still contemplating therapy but deep down acceptance is the only 'cure' and I know this.

Overall this is so far a positive journey for me. I can see myself lowing the dose of my medication again over the summer with a view to being free from medication in 2016. I know anything can happen to change things in such a space of time but without hope, without goals or pushing myself just the right amount then I may never change.

You know when the time is right but make sure you know when you're struggling too. If you're also lowering your medication or ready to come off it completely feel free to leave me a comment and know you're not alone in your journey :)

Cupcake Mumma

Monday, 13 April 2015

Keeping it Real ~ A to Z Challenge

It's very easy to read blogs and watch vlogs and come to the conclusion that all a lot of us do are fun days out, educational activities, messy play and that we're happy-happy in our wonderfully tidy home. The truth? Well for me my blog is for memories and snippets, I don't really need to look back at the bad times (not to say I don't blog the real stuff, my mental health page for a start) but I get how people feel. So just for those of you who need a bit of 'please tell me I'm not the only one who can't keep my sh*t together!' This ones for you (because I can't either...)

Exhibit A- The Never Shrinking Laundry

I'm a Stay at Home Mum so my laundry should be under control right? Wrong. See also:

Exhibit B- The Multiplying Dishes

Seriously I wash, I scour the house, I tip the water away and an hour later it's like the Mount Everest of dirty dishes.

Exhibit C- The Dying Tumble Dryer

Do you have something in your home that is on its last legs but not quite done yet, so you keep it regardless of it being old and only working upside down?

Exhibit D- Clutter is the curse of all

The charity bags that pile up

The toddler bed that's been sat there for at least 2 months now (maybe longer)

The dumping ground (more commonly known as the dining table that hasn't seen a family dinner in a fair while )

Other things that keep me real:

My kids don't shower all the time and they don't stink so I won't go feeling bad about it.

My house hasn't seen polish in at least a month.

I shout, and swear and sometimes both at the same time.

We don't go out lots, we rarely do messy play, homework will be the death of me, I miss appointments, I still co sleep with my four year old, I am evil when woken up at stupid o'clock and I care too much about the mums at school (and everyone else)

What keeps you real? Can you identify with any of these? I sure hope so else I'm just going to hide under this duvet and never come out! (Yes I'm watching kids TV, with a duvet before can wait ;)

Cupcake Mumma

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Just Being ~ A-Z Challenge

I have had such a lovely day. There was only one plan today and that was family lunch out, otherwise there were no other things to do, no expectations. Just relaxing. Just being.

I went to the charity shop alone and found two bargain books and a puzzle game for the children. We went to the beach, saw the boats in the harbour, visited several touristy shops and all before lunch (which was delicious!) After lunch, the children had a bath at Grandmas and watched a film or played in the garden before heading home to chill before bed. Just such a wonderful day being us. Just being the old Mumma.

Here are the photos from our day:

Cupcake Mumma

Friday, 10 April 2015

Imagination ~ A to Z challenge

As a child I had a great imagination. I thought I saw Father Christmas, I played awesome role play games with my siblings, I could pretend quite easily I had an invisible friend (George) and my beloved dog Holly who passed away would walk next to me when I was at school (only in my head of course!) As I've grown up I've lost a lot of imagination. Even for simple things to be honest. I love watching my children use theirs now, it makes me so warm inside. Twigs can be swords, trees are horses, they role play all kinds of games in their minds and talk to themselves (of course to them they're playing an ace game all alone, but to us they're just shut in a room with thin air- see, no imagination ha ha!)

The reason I'm writing all this is because Midge has been asked to imagine what the tooth fairy looks like and what she does with all our teeth. Below is a picture she has drawn and I've labelled and I've written exactly what she's said to me. First, my turn. I want to use my imagination a bit too. Tooth fairies were the only things that kept me happy as a child when I'd lose a tooth or had a wobbly one. Now I hate anything to do with teeth, dentists anything at all! I wonder how it changed?

Anyway, The tooth fairy to my mind is very small, with white sparkly wings, blond hair, a small white bag for her teeth (she shrinks the teeth she collects) She wears a very sparkly white dress and has pale skin. She takes the teeth and cleans them up until they're dazzling white and adds them to her castle. There, that's made me feel warm and fuzzy!

Here's Midges take on the tooth fairy-

The tooth fairy is as small as mouse and wears a little pink dress. She has a magic wand that she uses to shrink my teeth and she swaps it for money (sometimes a £1!) She puts the small tooth into her purse and then when she gets home she cleans it up and uses it to build bridges, castles, houses and paths in her fairy land!

I'll be tweeting this post with #dontfearthefairy to enter a competition online. I don't normally do this but it's a good idea and Midge really enjoyed drawing and writing about her tooth fairy. I really adore her creativity and imagination.

Cupcake Mumma

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Harry Potter! A-Z Challenge

There really could be no other topic for today's letter. I adore Harry Potter. The books, the movies, the studio tour which I visited last October, it's all amazing! I first read the books when I was 15 which was some time after they were released. After that I would pick up every book. I watched the films and enjoyed them but it's only the last couple of years that I've really got into the whole Harry Potter fan club!

I enjoy playing the games on the Playstation, have all the books and films, some postcards, a mug and notebook plus several tops and PJ bottoms! I have a broach I added the Deathly Hallows to too:

The tour was amazing, here are some photos:

My favourite characters are Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter, Mrs Weasly and Bellatrix Lastrange.

Do you love Harry Potter too? I'd love to know what your favourite film/character/souvenir is. Have you been to the studios or even to the Florida tour?

Cupcake Mumma