Ten Things You May Have Missed

So it's been a while! Just over a year to be precise! I never really got my blogging mojo back after 2019 and I had to think about what to write about now I no longer wish to have such a large focus on my children. They will always have some mention on here, with their permission, because they enjoy looking back on some of their life in this format and I don't wish to take that away from them.

I also pondered for a while on how much I wanted to share about my personal life. Days out are fine but it's knowing where you draw the line on personal matters. I think and will always think it's important to raise awareness on important subjects; such as illness, mental health and my role as a carer, but there's a fine line for me now and I've had some time to really think about that.

What I am excited to start sharing is the Rebel Badge Club that I joined some time ago. If you were ever a Brownie, Scout or Guide you'll love the concept. Doing tasks, challenges and research of different subjects to earn badges. You don't have to buy the badges and I wasn't going to but I changed my mind when I thought about having a blanket covered in my little accomplishments.

I'm looking forward to writing about what is a new hobby for me. So far I am doing a Nature Lover badge, Reader, Stargazer, Mechanic, Adulting, World Traveller as well some badges that are known as monthly and quarterly badges. I can't wait to have something to write about that makes me happy and is something to look back on, especially as a lot of these activities I can plan not just alone but with family and my friend too.

In true blogging style though, whats a catch up without ten things you've missed while I've been away?

1) Martyn has a new wheelchair! Finally! At last! Thank goodness! Plus all other sighs of relief we can muster. His new chair is one provided by the Kent Wheelchair Service so it is provided and funded via the NHS and is made to fit him. The reason he qualifies for this new powered wheelchair now is that he has lost the ability to walk more than a few metres without holding onto me. His new chair is more comfortable and gives him a lot more independence (when the world outside allows for it)

2) L turned 15 and has started her GCSE's! I can't believe she's nearly 16, it's quite mad. She has a nose piercing, is achieving good grades with a lot of hard work and has more of a social life than me. She managed to destroy a pair of Doc Martens in 10 months which I think is impressive but overall, she's still the same L she has always been: kind, sensitive but a bit more assertive.

3) Will was accepted into a specialist provision for schooling and we haven't looked back. He has excelled in all areas, working hard to improve and learn every step of the way. His school is a new provision and as such, he was the first pupil to win the headteachers cup in year 9. He loves science, has left the baking a little behind in favour of farming but is still seen in the kitchen churning out a giant cookie (for one) on a regular basis.

Will stands with windswept blond hair outside on a pathway in a park wearing a black tshirt, an open black denim jacket and black trousers holding a book called The Rescue of Ravenwood up.

4) A has been keeping us very busy on occasion. Largely school has been a positive experience and most of the real challenges have been as a result of staff members not acknowledging his additional needs. He is back on the pathway (sadly CAMHS) but as that'll be years down the line his school has mostly worked really well with us and I haven't been disappointed. He has shown an interest in maths but PE is proving to be his biggest love. He is playing for a local football team as keeper, has joined a local goal keeping training facility, made captain and plays matches every Sunday. I am officially a 'soccer mom.' 

A has sweaty blond hair, is wearing an orange and black goal keepers top, black shorts and white goalie gloves. He has a captain armband on and is smiling

5) James has had the hardest time with having to move schools several times and neither schools have been very good with their special educational needs approach. School aside he has made new friends and has joined the Army Cadets local to him which he is loving. He is still a larger than life character and my main enabler of my own spontaneous and often ridiculous ideas! 

(Also, all 4 children are basically taller than us both now)

6) We have a new member of the family! Mavis is our half Ragdoll, half Mainecoon kitten. She is now 8 months old and is so fluffy and cute I can't even look at her without wanting to scoop her up and snuggle her. 

Mavis,a fluffy tortoise shell kitten wearing a blue collar with a bell on stares at the camera sullenly

7) I have become an Aunty! I have a nephew who is gorgeous, wonderful and has the best parents ever. I'm over the moon but that's all I'm allowed to say about that!

8) Martyn has joined college. He has entered his second year at a college of theology and has been doing really well. It's not been easy with his Muscular Dystrophy and lack of sleep but we have been making things work and I'm so proud he has chosen to go for his second year.

Martyn wears his red and black woolly hat, is beaming at the camera while srudying a college libray room. He is wearing a grey hoody and black tshirt

9) I learned to drive! I found the best instructor and tried an automatic car. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I passed the first time with three minor faults and can now drive A all over the place for football and basically be the house taxi driver!

Hannah has plaited brown hair, wears a black tshirt and black framed glasses. She is holding a blurred driving test certificate while smiling at the camera

10) Our wedding is now only five months away and we have loads still to do. Invites need to be bought and posted and next year we can focus on the kids outfits. We are having a Marvel themed wedding (because why not?) and we are all really looking forward to the day.

Before that though there is more family to see, more special days to celebrate and lots more badges for me to be collecting!

Bye for now x


  1. Lovely to see a catch up from you, I'm glad that you and yours are all doing well :) I love the sound of the Rebel Badge Club, I've seen it advertised on social media and it looks right up my street, I may have to give it a go!

    1. Oh yes you should! There are loads of blogger friends I think would love it, it's been nice to journal things I've done too. Thanks so much for popping back after so long x

  2. As the kids get older it does feel strange not writing about them as much but it is nice to record special moments.
    The Rebel Badge Club sounds interesting and a lot of fun and that's great news that Martyn has a new wheelchair.
    Your kids have grown up so much and it sounds like they are doing you proud. Mavis is just adorable and well done to Martyn with college and you for passing your driving test.
    I LOVE that you are having a Marvel themed wedding! How exciting. x

    1. Thanks Kim! So nice to hear from you again, I really appreciate that. It is odd and i've always admired how you have kept up your blogging, it's lovely to read your posts despite the older ages of your kids. The club has def brought me some happiness. Thank you!

  3. Lovely to read an update on how well you are all doing, it sounds like you have all had a busy year. I don't blog about any personal stuff nowadays but glad I still have my blog. Good luck with the wedding it sounds awesome, I love a theme! I will check out the badges too as that sounds like lots of fun xx