Dear So and So

Dear Midge,
Thanks for joining me on my trip last weekend. I loved taking you to the cinema, it was your first time, I'm sure I was the same age or maybe older when I saw my first big screen film. We both laughed and cried at Paddington, you were perfect company. You were right at home in the large park and when you were surrounded by ducks you were over the moon! I got to tell you about all the ducks I kept at my home as a little girl, we really did have ten at one time! I couldn't fault your behaviour, on the train you were really good and when out shopping I was so proud when a lady who served you said you had wonderful manners.
Love you lots,
Mummy xxx

Dear Baba Roo,
(Because you love that name the most) I'm so pleased to be back home with you and Daddy. I'm glad you had a great time together staying at your Aunts with all those cousins! I loved getting a FaceTime off you when I was away and seeing photos of your time at a rugby match! Both Midge and I missed you very much and I know you felt the same
Love you,
Mummy xxx

Dear Tesco
I am loving the new free from section at your stores, even my little local store is finally stocking up! I enjoy your croissants, the chicken nuggets brought me right back to my childhood this evening too. Cone ice creams and sausages have improved my life I can tell you! Food isn't just a way to a mans heart, it's a way to mine to!

From, A Happy Customer!

Dear Baking Skills,

I've not used you for some time but next week I'm baking 50 cupcakes for a wedding and I need baking skills galore! Don't let me down!

The Rusty Cupcake Decorator

Dear Tooth Pain,

Yes I am acknowledging you but I wish you would go away. Ever since having work done I have been in pain, what's worse I am now terrified of the dentist and would really appreciate you, you know, magically healing.

From, Wishful Thinker.

Dear Readers,
Thank you for reading! I had a huge blog related wobble the other night. I'm not sure if I should still be blogging or if I should be scrapbooking our memories and leaving this all behind...Thank you to those who nominated me in the MAD Blog Awards, good luck to everyone. I was nominated in the food category which is very much full of actual food bloggers (I post occasionally) and I'm way out of my league but that doesn't mean I am not over the moon! I was also pleased with my Tots score this month and I don't tend to keep a close watch (just like to stay in the top 500 as it's taken 3 years to get there ha!) So thank you all for reading, commenting and interacting with me on social media.
Yours, Cupcake x

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Cupcake Mumma

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Kat Sighs said...

Midge is amazing and a credit to you both. She was a pleasure to have and extremely tolerant! Im sure the cupcake will be delicious and can't wait to see them. Finally, don't stop blogging!! Ill have nothing to read with my coffee every day and nobody will comment on my posts (not selfish at all, right?!)
Love you Banana lady xx

Hannah said...

Haha Oh Kat you do make me laugh! Thank-you for having us, I think considering there was a lot of us in one space they al did really well all in all! I hope you're right about these cupcakes! Love you too xxx

MichelleTwinMum said...

We all go through blog wobbles, I hate them but I alway come back to the questons of who I blog for and it is predominently for me and for memories for my kids and that means I stick with it. I don't care about rankings etc, just doing what I feel I shoudl be doing. You do a fab job, do what suits you. Mich x

Leanne Cornelius said...

This is a fab post! I hope you're over your blog wobble, it can be hard not to let it get us down at times but we'd miss them if we didn't have them!

Leanne - A Slice of My Life Wales

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Love these posts: glad the cinema trip went well and hope the cup cake making did too!

Stevie - A Cornish Mum said...

It sounds like you and Midge had a lovely time away :) I have always loved taking my boys to the cinema, we go during most school holidays and they always really enjoy it. No more blog wobbles ;) you know you can always inbox me if you want a chat anytime lovely and we are definitely doing that non phantom cuppa soon ;)
Stevie xx

Sandy said...

I don't understand what the meme is, but got a kick out of the first story.

Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

Hannah said...

Ah thanks:) Its really simple Sandy, you write a letter or short simple letters like above to anything or anyone and link up with Michelle by following the link/badge :)

Hannah said...

Ah thank you for your kind comment made me smile x

Hannah said...

Thank you! Yes cakes were a success and I can't wait to visit a cinema again :)

Hannah said...

Thank you Stevie means a lot, I look forward to our natter! We did share a nice few days away thank you xx