A-Z Challenge: S

S is for School Memories

With all the talk about changing the education system for the better (read worse) it got me thinking back to my days in primary school. I enjoyed learning, I had a great education and I also had so much fun! It is possible!

Here's what I remember of my wonderful time at school:

  • We did sponsored car washes for charity fund raisers. My Mum always drove her car in and we all had fun washing the cars for a couple of pounds in the school playground. I haven't seen a school do that in ages!

  • I used to practice my handstands with all the other girls. We lined up and performed handstands with challenges thrown in such as 'the scissors' (where you moved your legs in a scissor movement in the air) or 'the ballerina' where you had to keep one leg pointed and bend the other. I had pretty good balance back then! 

  • We sat in circles in our summer dresses making daisy chains, then laying down making pictures out of the clouds.

  • We drank milk out of square cartons in the classroom at break time whilst laughing and chatting with our peers. 

  • We climbed the trees at the top of the field. This was a part of the field that was pretty far from any sight of the teachers but it was never abused, not like in secondary school. We would go up to this part because it was shaded thanks to 4 huge trees. Some people played 'kiss chase' up here, some climbed the big trees without getting told off. Try doing that now!

There are so many more memories from school I'm sure. I had such a good childhood and my education was messy, fun, exciting. Children need this, it's how they learn! I hope our government can see that we're not all born academics. Some of us like getting stuck in!



  1. Lovely post! truly lovely. I use to be so good at hand stands and cart wheels, I wouldn't dare try now though LOL.. I'd end up with broken limbs I bet, lol.
    Everyone use to say to me 'School days are the best days of your life' they were SO right!

    I agree, I hope the government see's we aren't all born academics.


    1. Oh goodness I wouldn't be able to now either! Not unless there was a huge space!! They were so, so, SO right I know! xx

  2. Love this!
    The best part of primary school was making daisy chains!
    I'm a bit fed up of school related things at the moment, there are huge problems at our boys school! Our eldest starts his GCSE (well, E BAcc) curriculum this year and things are so unsettled...worrying! xx

    1. Oh goodness, god only knows what it'll be like when my little ones go up to secondary school!! xx