An Autumn Wreath

I made a wreath this week out of anything I could find around my house. I've never made a wreath before so wanted to have a go at making one. Now, if I lived in the countryside I would've made a wreath that was big and sturdy so I could hang on my front door. I have a small porch but as I live in the town nothing would last long. Items would be damaged/stolen/chucked about- sad really but it's true! So I went for decorating my lounge door and I really, really like it.

I printed out all sorts of different patterns and colours and cut out a few flower and leaf shapes. When I was happy with how I had arranged them on my wreath (which is 2 cardboard circles cut out and stuck together by the way) I stuck them all down with glue, made a hole in the top and found some suitable ribbon from my stash,
I wasn't totally satisfied so I rooted around my draws finding some odd buttons which looked perfect for my fall theme. Screwing up some orange tissue paper to fill a small gap, I made these mini pumpkins. I think they finish it all off nicely.

To make the plain lounge door just that little bit more special, I cut out left over paper, cut off a short piece of string and made some mini paper bunting with the words 'Happy Fall' on the tiny flags.
What do you think? Not bad for paper and cardboard I don't think and just the first step in the prep for the Halloween party my daughter is really looking forward to.

Linking up with The CSI Project this week for their Fall wreaths and porches prompt.


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