Autumn Gold

I love Autumn, it's my favourite season by far so when I checked in with The CSI Project this week and saw our crafting challenge was 'Gold,' I thought I should make something I could wear over this lovely season. I had a look around and found this lovely necklace so thought i'd have a go at making something similar.

I bought some 24 gauge gold wire from Ebay, an old gold necklace for £1 from my local charity store as I didn't have any gold chain, and finally I raided my draws for some beads that would match the wire. In the end I opted for some small purple ones after being unsuccessful finding my larger purple bead stash!

This was a fiddly project for someone who hasn't made anything like this before so it does require patience! It's also not a project I could photo step by step, maybe next time! For now, here is my Autumn Gold Nest Necklace:

First of all I threaded the 4 beads onto the wire then started wrapping the wire around until I was happy with the size of my 'nest' and the beads felt secure. I made a loop before cutting the wire to allow me to place a jump ring for attaching to the chain.

After taking apart the old necklace from the charity store I was left with a very long piece of chain- ideal! I cut the length I needed using my pliers and reattached jump rings as well as a new clasp. Now my necklace is all ready for stepping out into the Autumn wind (and rain!)

What do you think?




Rachel Selby said...

It's beautiful! Well done!

Hannah said...

Thank you so much :)

Anonymous said...