As I type from my bed...

I'm listening to the cars buzz past in their merry way, the sun is shining through my window which is very pleasant. I don't feel bad for having a lay in as it is so cold out there my hands are freezing up as I type.

Other Half is breakfasting the children before I get up and we start a major house cleaning day. It's difficult with both children so we're just going to go halves. As it is I do all the house work bits and he is in charge of the DIY. Maybe sexist but that's the way it is in my house unless you want pictures and shelves on your head..thought not!

I'm finally going to get my book shelf up in the kitchen today which is where all my recipe books are going to live. This is all part of my 52 days to an organised home challenge. As I have no couponing to do I have given myself (Other Half) 2 weeks to put said shelving up rather than 1 week. I have no idea what I'll be organising next week. It's a surprise.

I've been thinking about my blog recently and having a bit of blog envy. When I started I wanted this blog to be for me, and I still do but I guess a lot of new comers to the blogging world have made me  feel a bit useless at this blogging lark. I started my CupcakeMumma last September and it seems I have scrimped and scrapped to get followers. Now I'm reading these wonderful new blogs (and they are wonderful, honest) but they have the same followers and more in the space of a couple of months.

Now i sit and question my blog. I have to remember that those readers I have I am grateful for, I really am and it really is quality over quantity. I have some wonderful readers who always hang about to comment. I just wonder if I'm boring. There is no controversy in my life, I don't do it. I don't agree with writing about controversial topics just to up my readership. The blogging world is full of great blogs of all varieties and it's crammed to the very top. It's very hard not to compare yourself to others but it is something I am well known for. It really has to stop before I shut my laptop lid down for good.

Ah I needed that out of my system. I know it's silly, unfounded nonsense but meh, we all have some! So anyway, I have photos to take, diy to oversee, a house to spruce and children to craft with. Maybe I could slip a power nap in before though hey?

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Hey my organizing matey I love your blog!Dont change a thing!Sometimes we look & compare & & I think it only makes us unhappy.Its that old school playground feeling again,we see so called popular people & it can be hurtful,but blogging shouldn't make us feel bad so let's focus on the positive bits when we feel like you describe and Hannah I feel we all get those feelings sometimes.Dont look at any stats!I try not to! All my love Jess xxxx

    1. I know you're right wise ol' organising buddy! Im so terrible with comparing myself. It's funny but the stats don't bother me too much. I don't know (and don't want to know) what good and bad stats are anyway so i shall remain ignorant lol! Thanks Jess xxx