Googly Eye Craft for The Crafting Prompt

I've already posted this week about both weeks 2&3 of Let Them be Small's new crafting prompt link up. I've been very slow blogging after I've crafted but so much has been going on here! Today though I settled down with Little A before nursry for a super quick craft.

If you pop down to The Works they have some plain white puppets just waiting to be decorated! I also purchased some funky googly eyes with eyelashes on as something a bit more fun. We sat down with the eyes, the puppets some stickers and a marker pen.

I don't have any photos of Little A and his puppet because it seems my phone has deleted them *sad face* but here's a photo of the one he helped me do so at least you can see something!

Monster stickers for noses and buttons..

Cupcake Mumma
8 comments on "Googly Eye Craft for The Crafting Prompt"
  1. I've been meaning to make puppets for like ever! This is the perfect excuse to cheat - I have a The Works near me hope I can find some of these! #CraftingPrompt

    1. Hope you can find these in there there were quite a few there when i went so fingers crossed! xx

  2. Looks like a great quick and easy craft to do before they lose interest. Googly eyes infuriate me, especially as he never puts them on right!!

    1. Really very quick which is always a plus if you need to fill a short gap!

  3. wow -these are amazing. I popped into the works near me on saturday but they never seem to have any decent stuff in - best check again!
    thanks as ever for joining up x#craftingprompt

    1. Thanks Sarah! Thanks for hosting it's good fun :) I hope you the works get better stock they're really quite good here or pound land! xx


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