Happy Birthday CupcakeMumma!

Yes! CupcakeMumma is 3 years old! The only thing I've ever stuck to is child rearing (and lets face it, I don't have a huge choice there wink wink) so I am thrilled to still be here 3 years later and enjoying blogging.

As a thank you, I've put together a little gift for my faithful readers. Just leave comment on my blog, perhaps tell me what you like, if you'd like to see something in particular on here or your favourite post?

Here's what I've put together:

Retro sweets (which have been placed into a more attractive tin), mini marshmallows, mini notebook, woodland embellishments, cherry keyring, pencil case and an iron on clothes transfer. It's not much but it's a thank you.

Here's to another year!

Cupcake Mumma x

14 comments on "Happy Birthday CupcakeMumma!"
  1. Congrats on the 3 years blogging! Quite an achievement!! Well done x

  2. Happy blogerversary Hannah, I remember when you just first started out and used to join in with R2BC. Have a great weekend, Mich x

  3. Well done for making 3 years, here's to many more *chinks glass* xx

  4. Congratulations on 3 years of blogging. Here's to many more. Love Joy x x

  5. Happy three year anniversary! What a lovely giveaway, I'd love to be in with a chance. I'd like to see blog posts about things you've done with your children, things you've made, just as you do already really. I think hearing about how you cope with your anxiety and how you challenge yourself out of your comfort zone are really inspiring x

  6. Happy 3rd blogiversary. You have done well :-)

  7. WOW!!! Happy 3rd Blogging Birthday Hannah....

    I love reading your posts, the honesty, the passion!!

    Here's to many many more....

    Sa xXx

  8. Happy Birthday Blog! 3 years is hard work. Mine's 2 1/2 now and i find it difficult to keep up. xx

  9. Happy blogging birthday! I'm so glad I got a chance to meet you in Exeter. Congratulations on three whole years of blogging! You're a veteran now! This kind of achievement requires cake! :D xx

  10. I'm pretty new to your blog, but so happy I found you and to participate in your Halloween swap! Congrats on your 3th blogiversary and good luck to everyone! The thank you you've put together is just sweet and lovely!

  11. Congrats and happy birthdayy!!! I really enjoy your lifestyle/review posts!


  12. Thanks all!! You're all lovely readers I feel very blessed. Prize will be drawn SOON! xxx CLOSED


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