*Gone Up a Mountain, Be Back Shortly*

That's the note I'll be leaving my Husband with tomorrow (I jest) but in all seriousness, tomorrow I am departing the Pasty Land (Cornwall for those not in the know) and making my way to Wales to climb a rather high mountain in a pink tutu and some saucy looking red underpants kindly being donated to us by Who Made Your Pants? I am definitely looking forward to this adventure...

I am going to miss my children terribly though! We've decided that it's best for me to take Midge to school tomorrow instead of her getting totally distraught at Mummy leaving for 3 days on a train. She knows I'm climbing a mountain, she has said she will miss me but she will remember why am I doing it. Oh yes, she is proudly telling everyone that:

'Mummy is climbing a mountain for poor people so they can have more money,' Sort of right, I suppose. She really does melt my heart! My Limpet (Little A) has no idea I'm going and will be joyfully waving goodbye to me having no clue that he's being with left with the 'Hairy One' we call Daddy for quite a long time.

Tonight we had pancakes for dinner, talked about all sorts of rubbish that children natter on about, read a really long bedtime story and had extra long cuddles before bedtime. I'm all packed and ready to go for my 10am train tomorrow morning. There is so much to look forward to on this journey but a hell of a lot to be nervous about. Not only is this a wonderful challenge Team Honk are undertaking to celebrate 25 years of Comic Relief and raising some serious funds, but this is also a personal challenge that I will blog about at a later date.

I'm so very, very nearly at my £250 target. Team Honk have been raising a truly wonderful amount of money thanks to the generosity of everyone and the Teams hard work. I can't wait to get up this mountain! If you can, please sponsor me here, no matter how much or how little, it really does help to change a life in the UK or Africa.

18 comments on "*Gone Up a Mountain, Be Back Shortly*"
  1. Good luck Hannah and the rest of Team Honk, looking forward to hearing all about your wonderful adventure,
    Joy x x

    1. Thanks Joy I will be blogging our adventure as soon as I can! Very excited but fairly nervous too!x

  2. well done on what you are doing and good luck for the mountain climb!!

    1. Thank you so much I will take that luck and run with it!! Well, maybe not run!x

  3. Cute photo!

    Followed you, hope you can check back and maybe, follow back?


  4. I hope all has gone well, Hannah. What a worthwhile thing to undertake.

  5. Well done on getting involved.

    Had I had the money for transport and B&B I would have too.

    Hope you had a superb time and can't wait to see your post about it.

    Liska xx

    1. Thanks Liska, it would've been amazing to meet you maybe some other time? You never know!
      Hope you enjoyed the post x

  6. Hello! Thank you for the encouraging comment on my blog! It's always so nice to hear from new followers. Henry has finally started settling into his new life and routine at daycare and it makes me feel so much better! People like you are the exact reason why I started blogging, encouraging comments from other moms mean the world to me. :)

    1. Hey, i'm glad you're ok and things are working out well :) Thanks for leaving me a comment, keep on blogging :) x

  7. Well done, hope you had a great time! Xx

  8. It was amazing to meet you Hannah and have you on the team! Love the picture of your kids, they are so gorgeous. Wasn't it so hard preparing to leave, never mind climbing that mountain!

    1. Thank-you Penny, it was amazing to meet you too! I think leaving Cornwall was the hardest part..(almost!)


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