My Summer Gift Swap

During August the lovely Kat from KatSighs hosted a gift swap to bring some summer cheer to our lives. My swap partner was Joy who blogs at Welcome to Daisy Row  . If you would like to see what I sent Joy then please click above to have a look!

I got some truly wonderful gifts from Joy. Here is what arrived for me a week ago:

Lots of goodies!
I received this lovely cupcake card (always makes me smile when people play on my blog name, I really do love cupcakes!) thank you Joy! 

When I was opening my parcel I commented to Husband about the fab, green polka dotted parcel tape that Joy had used. I thought it was really different and I had never seen it before so imagine my surprise when I saw Joy had packed me some for myself! Red polka dots and cupcakes!

Joy had also made me this great scarf (apologies Joy if I have that wrong but I'm sure I haven't!) I really love the colour, so bright and unique! As I'm not quite chilly enough just yet but didn't want to hide it away I have actually hung it up at my kitchen doorway! So many people have commented on it and I've proudly said where it came from.

I do like a nice warm scarf!
 We also had to add a magnet in with our summer swap. I found a brightly coloured cupcake one for Joy (everyone needs a cupcake in their lives) and here is the one I received:

just too true!
She then did one better by adding this rather great digestive biscuit magnet which I love. Little Man will be most annoyed when I finds out it isn't real. To add to my wonderful gifts Joy had also made  me some lovely coasters. As I have a black table you can imagine how well these stand out!
Thank-you Joy for your wonderful, thoughtful gifts (and I love the gingham tissue paper. I've kept it because I've never seen tissue paper like this before!) and thank-you to Kat who hosted this summer swap. Yet again I've enjoyed another successful swap. If you like swapping gifts please have a look at my Mug Swap gift exchange for October. Ideal for gift swapping for those who don't fancy making something straight away!

2 comments on "My Summer Gift Swap"
  1. So pleased you liked my gifts, you are right about the scarf, although you could use it as a belt, I suppose? I forgot to mention that the lovely tape is from they make a fab range of cards and various other stationery stuff. I cant tell you where the gingham tissue came from, as it was recycled from an earlier gift from a friend! I'm not sure if the digestive biscuit is actually a magnet, but if you turn it over you should find a mirror! Thanks for being my swap partner, love Joy x x

  2. i love the cupcake tape!


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