Our 2019...

I bet loads of people would be surprised to see me posting a positive round up of 2019. It's true it was a fairly bad year. We had a real rollercoaster with social services being involved. We voluntarily asked for help but they didn't give us any help at all. 

When we followed some advice from one of our workers we ended up in a spiral when she left and it came out she had not documented a single peice of advice or guidance she gave us. This meant that we were viewed in a very negative way, instead of supporting us they started an investigation into our family life and how we treat our children. 

Obviously and thankfully this never went any further. We ended up getting rid of the social worker who did this to us and had a final one. One who did listen, who did empathise and did see us for us. We were under her for a few weeks and thankfully signed off which happened in the end of November, officially early December. Praise God! 

Although we went through that, we've had friends who have been unwell, family has passed away, it's been difficult. However, there is always a silver lining, reasons to smile and I know it wasn't all bad. 

So here's some positivity:

There were 4 very happy birthdays, six altogether really! Dressing up days at school and my parents visited in November so we had a lovely dinner a games night plus some quality time. We had lots of cooking days, especially with William and his home ed and a trip to London for Mr K's MD appointment. Although we don't go into London because it's such a tight schedule, I love seeing the views and buildings. 

Another year means another line up of the kids and their new school years, Mr K obtained some new piano lessons and even taught me a few songs! Family outings for walking and blackberry picking, soup making in the winter, the children went to Wales with my parents and Midge left year 6..eek!

I designed an awesome den for the front room: go me. We had a huge anniversary bash for my aunt and uncle which was amazing. Everyone got to meet Mr K after 2 years and loved him. Polling day came and went, which wasn't everyone's favourite time but it was the day we raised over £2000 for Mr K's electric wheelchair.

We had several cinema dates, Christingle was lovely this year and the church very full. Although we lost my gorgeous Peppa Dog she was remembered on our Christmas tree and always will be now. We had Christmas number 2 on new years day, I turned 30 and we enjoyed some pumpkin making for Halloween too. 

So many little moments and some rather big ones that are totally worth not writing 2019 off completely for. My faith has grown so much over the year too as has some of my friendships and relationships with family. Everything happens for a reason and there are some things I can see clearly now. Some are still not entirly clear and maybe never for me to know and that's okay.

Happy New year to you all!


  1. 2019 was such a rotten year for you and your family. I really can't believe some of the things I read. You & Mr K are the best parents ever and it should never have been doubted. I am so glad it is all over now and you found some positivity. Fab photos!! It sounds like you had so many fun times. Happy new year x

    1. We sure made some mistakes but they were never done with intent to cause hurt and I think the professionals involved certainly caused more harm than good.
      Thanks Kim for your lovely words xx