A Cupcake Kitney Wedding!

Finally! I'm so happy to be able to write here about becoming Mrs Kitney at long last! 

On April 20th, Martyn and I tied the knot at our lovely church where we are regular members of the congregation. It was such a wonderful day full of family, friends and so much love. 

As many of you will know, Mr K and I 'met' online via blogging. He was having a hard time and I gave him my Twitter handle so he could reach out. Along with a regular group of fellow bloggers we interacted now and then online. About 2 years later, after my husband left, Mr K offered me many kind words along with other fellow online friends. We struck up a friendship and realised we actually had a lot in common. 

What ensued was the coming together of our families. Not an easy time, but a journey we got through together. After all that, we have finally become man and wife and I'd love to share our day here:

We had such a relaxed start at home, all together. Martyn got ready with Will and James and they headed off with my Dad fairly early in charge of setting up the village hall for our after celebrations. 

We all got our hair done by our local hairdresser, Sarah, from Plush Bridal who is also fast becoming a friend of the family (she's also my best friends sister in law!) I paid for myself, L and my mum to have lovely wedding hair and I'm so pleased I did. It wasn't originally part of our budget but I'm pleased we did go for it in the end. 

L's hair is light blond with light blue flower clip in a bun with a plate on the side of her head

Hannahs hair is dark blond and has a light blue flower clip in a bun

All the kids looked so smart and grown up in their outfits. As mentioned before, we had a Marvel theme. All our colours matched an infinity stone. We bought the ties in different colours and L wore a green dress. My sister managed to find a near identical dress online to match L. My colour was purple, which I incorporated into my dried flower bouquet.

From left to right is William, Nathan and James in grey suits with Martyn in a grey suit on his powerchair. They are all standing underneath the church entrance smiling at the camera

From left to right, L stands dressed in a long green dress next to Hannah in a white knee length wedding dress with A in a grey suit and blue tie

Close up of a comic book buttonhole on a grey dogtooth suit jacket.

Mum drove myself, A (who gave me away) and L to the church. I was about 20 minutes early so had time to fix my dress (handmade by mum with Marvel ribbon on the netting!) And have some deep breaths. My brother, nephew in hand, was just in time and went in slightly before we got settled in the church entrance. I got to see my sister for the first time in a while and admire her gorgeous little bump and have a hug before we went in. 

We kept the congregation sitting for my entrance so Martyn could see me enter to our song, Something Just Like This by Coldplay and The Chainsmokers. We had a wonderful service. Our songs were modern church songs, our friends played for us, our vicar did a wonderful personalised sermon which she even made comic book related! We had a lovely photo of Martyns parents at the front and, after the signing, we sent everyone who could make it to the outside to throw lots of flower petal confetti over us! Do enjoy this quick video!

After photos. we went over to the hall where we were welcomed by claps and cheers to the Avengers theme tune. The boys, Martyn, my Dad and our friends had done a wonderful job decorating the hall. There were Lego figures on the tables with our flowers from Ginger Lily in Rochester, our table runners matched our colours, the food was amazing! We had to do several takes with the toast, poor Will celebrated us without there being any wine poured into the glasses! 

Close up of red, yellow, blue and white flowers in a jar

A marvel figure of Scarlet Witch stands next to a lego figure of Vision. Next to each lego is a place cared with Bride and Groom

In a corner of the hall is a photo of Martyns parents on their wedding, a light brown memory teddy bear wearing a Marvel bow and a large white guest book

Left to right in black and white sits L, James, Martyn, Hannah, A and Will on a long top table with balloons and drinks. They are all smiling and laughing

Hannah bends down slightly next to a child dressed fully in a spiderman costume, including a mask. They stand infront of a white double door under a flower archway

A circle of coloured converse shoes. From the top, blue, orange,green and then red

We wanted there to be a real relaxed feel to the evening. It was only lasting from 4.30pm to 8.30pm, perfect for us all!

We played music in the background and just let everyone mill about. We got to catch up with so many people and enjoy the company of every single guest. Martyn caught up with the blogger table (yes! Bloggers were there! Our lovely friends Nat, Nat and Ember came) So wonderful. 

I didn't get any food until I got home that night but for once, I didn't care! Everyone else seemed happy with their supply. 

Close of food including crackers, cheese and pots of olives

Close up of cherry tomatoes on the vine, breadsticks and sliced meat

Close up of scones and cupcakes with icing and edible glitter

Close up of square cut brownies, strawberries and marshmellows on skewers

Our cake was, of course, comic booked themed:

A 3 tier cake sits on a white table cloth. The cake is side on, showing gold drapes on each side, a white fondant all over, comic book rice paper at the front of each cake and 2 Funko Pops sit on top with coloured fondant stones in front of them

Hannah stands to the left of martyn who is in his powerchair. They are holding a large knife and ready to cut the cake. They are looking down at the cake being cut

And our first dance was just magical. No one knew what we would do for our first dance to Charlie Puth's One Call Away, or if we'd do a dance at all, but after a little spin on my feet, I popped up the arm on his wheelchair and we span around like that for the whole song to claps and cheers. It was so wonderful, I'm smiling again now! 

Hannah standing infront of martyn in his power chair, lifting up the power chair arm ready to sit on his lap

Hannah wears a white wedding dress and is sitting on Martyns lap on his powerchair. They are spinnijg with hannah holding her arm out smiling. Martyn looks at hannah smiling

We got home around half 9, I unpacked a lot of stuff and ate my dinner. The children helped unload the car then scarpered off to bed fairly quick. They were all so amazing and did us both proud. 

We all met up the next morning for breakfast to see my relatives off back to Cornwall and Nottingham. I appreciate them so much for visiting and being part of our special day. 

Thank you to all those who wished us a wonderful day and have since congratulated us many times online. And thank you to those bloggers who have become friends, and others in the community who have supported us so much together over the years. Here's to many more!

Mr and Mrs K


Ten Things You May Have Missed

So it's been a while! Just over a year to be precise! I never really got my blogging mojo back after 2019 and I had to think about what to write about now I no longer wish to have such a large focus on my children. They will always have some mention on here, with their permission, because they enjoy looking back on some of their life in this format and I don't wish to take that away from them.

I also pondered for a while on how much I wanted to share about my personal life. Days out are fine but it's knowing where you draw the line on personal matters. I think and will always think it's important to raise awareness on important subjects; such as illness, mental health and my role as a carer, but there's a fine line for me now and I've had some time to really think about that.

What I am excited to start sharing is the Rebel Badge Club that I joined some time ago. If you were ever a Brownie, Scout or Guide you'll love the concept. Doing tasks, challenges and research of different subjects to earn badges. You don't have to buy the badges and I wasn't going to but I changed my mind when I thought about having a blanket covered in my little accomplishments.

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When you begin dating someone there's always a lot of interest from those around you. Where do they live? What are they into? How did you meet? And so on. 

When you start dating someone with a physical disability you get questions like: How does that work? Can they do anything? Are you sure you want to do this?

I wanted to write this post to burst a few myth bubbles that I've personally come across. 

Four Teens and a Catch Up

I haven't posted here since Midge turned 14 with her birthday post. Do I feel a little bad that I seemed to have packed it in a bit before writing up my 3 boys birthdays? I do a little!

The title of this post is a smidge inaccurate; I technically only have two teens but my youngest two, J and A, have turned 11 this year and they're full on pre-teen so I really don't feel like I only have two teens to be honest!

Midge Turns Fourteen!

On the seventeenth of January my eldest turned fourteen...14! Where is it all going? 

Midge has had a huge turning point over the past couple of years. I feel our children have been through so much since the pandemic started. She's dealt with the onset of social anxiety due to not being out and about as much and then thrusted back into school life, sadly she lost her favourite teacher in her favourite subject and that hit her hard.

Still, she's made out of strong stuff this one and with the right support has continued to flourish both personally and in many other ways. Her confidence has changed, she feels comfortable in her sexuality, made more solid friendships with some lovely girls and dived into her art work even further. 

Ramblings on Loss

 I have no idea how this will go, it's a bit of a 'write to get it out' type post. 

Keith, an elderly white male smiles at the camera with glasses on

Last week, on a Monday evening I sat at home in my bed waiting for a message from Martyn. I was waiting for the message telling me his Dad had passed away. It was a strange moment waiting for that message and not one I've ever waited around for.

One of my great privileges that I am hugely aware of is that I have never experienced close, personal loss. Well, not strictly true.

2021 at The Cupcake Kitney House

 Well, well, hello there strangers!

It's been about 7 months since I wrote anything on here. We are still in a global pandemic, Cupcake Mumma turned 10 very quietly and I have mostly set up camp over on Instagram (link to my page there!) getting sucked in by watching reels and falling in love with stories. 

There's only 2 main traditions on this blog and that's sharing birthdays for my children to look back on (and myself) and our yearly write up. If I write nothing else I'm happy to keep up with that at least.

So let's jump in shall we? Let's see how much I can actually remember of 2021!