My Week So Far...With Bags!

Well, after waking up at 2.30am on Monday morning with the most hideous stomach cramps I was officially ill when eventually after 7am I was sick in my baking bowl...hmm won't be using that one again! So yes, as you can imagine not the finest way to start your week.
It did get better though. I lived on toast and butter for the whole day which was pretty dull but necessary and was firmly wedged in the arse dent on my corner sofa watching trashy television. My Mother in law to be had both the children which I was extremely grateful for and even more so when I learned that Little Man had been up pretty much all night with the unfamiliar setting and his teeth causing yet more trouble for him.

I got a relaxing bath, did a little tidying just to make me feel clean (obsessed) and then napped on the sofa just as Eastenders was nearing the end. SO Monday was not fab, it could have been much worse which i'm glad it wasn't!

Tuesday is good TV night for me and its always been my favourite day of the week for some odd reason so I always manage to get up pretty well in the morning! I actually had a nice lay in that morning as Other Half was working earlier to get some extra pennies for Little Man's birthday next week.
I was woken up by my babies a bit less than hour later which was lovely. I felt ten times better and looked forward to a day of a better diet and fresh air! I started on my next #Pinaddict challenge as well which is harder than it looks, well more fiddly. I won't say anymore though as I'm determined to keep it a surprise for a special someone.

And so to today. I returned the lay in favour to Other Half who was most pleased and cracked on with Mummy mode. Little Man refused to sleep before baby group which worried me no end but we went anyway and had a lovely morning there. I love seeing him interact with the other babies and I'm getting on quite well with 'pushy mum' who isn't so much pushy as an overall protective first time mum. i can totally get it, but I don't need hidden protective comments about my parenting choices thank you! She's okay though, harmless and I think I quite like her!
Mummy's and Little Man's butterfly
Little Miss's lovely butterfly.
 Little Miss tagged along which is unusual because I do like to give me and the Other Half our individual bonding times. We made butterflies and sung some songs and in general had a lovely morning. It went down hill from there as Little Man has developed some serious buggy hatred and screamed all the way home from the nursery run. I think I was this close to to handing him over!*

I wrestled him to sleep which he did...for the grand total of 20 minutes. Still, better than nothing and a bit of shut eye cheered him up and gave me some lunch so i wasn't so crabby. We circled the shops for various things to add to previously mentioned secret Pinaddict project. I accidentally went over my budget so i owe my tin a fiver *sighs* could be worse!

  Also I got some new bags in the post. What do you think?

Now I shall catch up on my lovely blog, e-mails and maybe venture over to Twitter if I dare. I have things to do and am afraid my time would dangerously drain away if I hang about there too long.

I hope my readers are having a good week so far too. Only 2 more days until the weekend. Oh poop I have parent consultation tomorrow. Muffins.
Until then! Hannah X
* No handing over ever took place. Promise. 


  1. Sounds like your week can only get better then hun :-) x