About Cupcake Mumma

Welcome to Cupcake Mumma, my corner of the web where I have been sharing my growing family, our stories of fun, memories and even the not so great times since 2011 after I gave birth to my youngest child. 

Newly diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder, I felt lonely and wanted to be a part of something. Soon after, Cupcake Mumma was created and I started sharing my family life, ups and downs and everything in between.

Featured on Cupcake Mumma are my two beautiful children: Midge (or L as she is sometimes referred to on here) (born in 2008) and A (born in 2011). 

My children and I moved to Kent after the break down of my first marriage and we became a wonderful blended family with Martyn from Inside Martyns Thoughts and his wild at heart and awesome boys: Will (born in 2009) and James (born 2011 also!) They feature on this blog but are mostly found on their Dad's blog above.

Now all the children are in their teens, they will feature much less. You can guarantee any posts involving any of them have their full consent.

Meet The Gang (In their own words!)


Likes: Art/ Costa/ Shopping/ Animals
Dislikes: Sauces/ Crowds/ Geography/ Social situations


Likes: Baking/ School/ Factoids/ Socialising/ Youth Group
Dislikes: Baths/ Loud noises/ Slime/ Prawns  


Likes: Pokemon/ Gaming/ Most foods/ Playing football
Dislikes: Loud noises/ School/ Tight Clothes/ Maths 


Likes: Sweets/ School/ Gaming/ Getting messy
Dislikes: Being bored/ Showers/ Sun cream/ Nuts

 What You Will Find on Cupcake Mumma

Cupcake Mumma has changed a lot over the years (of course!) and is primarily used to document the life of myself and my family. I keep records of special occasions, share family days out and I have always shared my journey with my mental health conditions which you can find by clicking here.

As a full time carer to Martyn who has FSH Muscular Dystrophy, you will soon find posts updating on his condition, our lifestyle and about being a carer. 

About Me!

  • I moved from Cornwall to Kent in 2017 to be with Martyn and his boys
  • I am a full time carer to Martyn
  • We got engaged in April 2021
  • I LOVE the colour pink
  • I collect Care Bears and have over 80 in my bedroom
  • I have been on a gluten, wheat and dairy free diet since I was a teenager- it's got better!
  • Instagram is where I am mostly found on social media
  • I climbed Mount Snowdon in 2013 with fellow bloggers to support Comic Relief

I really hope you enjoy your visit to Cupcake Mumma. Please feel free to leave comments on posts, or even catch me on other social media platforms !

I love hearing from my readers!

Cupcake Mumma