My 2020 Tick List

Just like last year I thought I would make a new list for this year. If you read my update then you will know how surprised I was to have accomplished as many of my goals last year as I did. I am hoping that by tth eend of 2020 I will have managed to do just as well.

Here is my list for 2020!

  • Sort Martyn a new wheelchair
This will be really beneficial for us both in the long run. We have chosen a really good chair and we just have to wait for it to all be put together and fit Martyn to ensure he's as comfortable as possible. It will mean I get to walk alongside him instead of pushing him all the time, he will hopefully be able to stand up from the chair like he used to do and he will also have more independence for example, he hasn't been out on his own for almost 2 years!

  • Be more frugal and environmentally friendly
I have really scrutinised my budget. Living as we do, myself a full time carer to Martyn and himself on disability benefits for his Muscular Dystrophy we don't have much to play with when all is said and done. I would like to get better deals on some of our outgoings, shop smarter and using David Ramseys guide I want to build up an emergency savings to cover those unavoidable mishaps such as broken washing machines and what not! Then I can focus on paying off any debt quicker and hopefully feel a little more secure financially.

We also as a family want to focus on reducing and reusing. Buying second hand, not being wasteful, eating less meat and simply being more conscious of our world and environment.

  • Get our home decorated fully
We have 2 more rooms to decorate: the kitchen and our bedroom. It's taken me months to decorate the place and it's only a flat! I am a terrible procrastinator! We need to fit carpet into one of the bathrooms to make it accessible for Martyn and that's really about it. Just a few finishing touches here and there but I would love for it to all be done this year.

  • Help Martyn launch his artwork
Martyn is an amazing artist and we have been considering for some time to create him a business to sell his artwork. There is a lot to do but hopefully by the end of the year we have a good basis for it or maybe even be started.

  • Emergency fund and debt cut
Part of my frugal lifestyle mentioned above, this one is really important to me this year.

  • Giving back in some way.
Whether I manage to volunteer again, do something with one of the children's schools or find a charity I would like to regularly support, I hope to find some way of giving back. As always, this will something I pray on and wait to be shown.

  • Sort out a disabled badge for Martyn

  • Find coping mechanisms, need therapy less and hopefully be able to either have a regular massage or osteopath appointments to help with my lower back self care!

Some extra goals:

  • Make homemade candles for my home and family
  • Read 15 books
  • Do another christian festival
  • Do a journal
  • Make homemade Christmas gifts
  • Play 2 more songs on the piano
  • Donate to a good cause every month
  • Have a family gathering
  • Make sleep a priority and get into a good bedtime routine

Do you have any goals for this year? I'd love to read your posts your comments.


  1. Looks like a list of great goals to work towards this year Hannah! I hope you manage most, if not all of them �� xx