A Year in Gifts- January

I've decided this year that every month I'm going to send a package with goodies inside to a friend or family member I think could do with cheering up. There may not be anything majorly wrong, but the thought of my recipient opening a gift they had no idea was coming their way fills me with happiness. 2013 is about giving that little bit more for me and feeling the benefits from doing it.

The first gift I've put together is for a very close friend. We met online nearly 6 years ago when I was due to give birth to my Midge. Her son is 2 months older and her daughter 2 months younger than my Little Man which always fascinates me!

Anyway, this gift is for my friend to make the post Christmas and back to work period a little better. In this months box I've put together:

Some sweet treats! I wanted to respect the fact my friend is going on a weight watchers diet starting this week so my usual gift of a good bar of chocolate was out!

A nice new make up bag. I'm a pink and polka dots kind of girl but even I like this bag and i know my friend will love it! It's a nice big one too so plenty of room for all her bits.

A small selection of pampering items. I love body shop moisturiser and thought what better than having a bath with some delightful smelling bath bombs and then a nice moisturiser to feel all fresh? The candles are vanilla cupcake scented: Yum.

My secret Santa bought me some of these handy note pads so I thought I'd try and find one for my friend too. They're very useful and hopefully my friend will soon cover her walls with 'to do' notes!

How sweet is this? I saw this miniature card in my local gift store and thought of this friend straight away. I hope she likes it.

All packed and ready to go. I added a letter to my gift and posted it off today. I really hope she likes everything I've sent and it does exactly what I've intended it to do: Make her feel good.

Why don't you surprise a friend or family member with a gift 'just because?' Now, whose for February?!