Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Smear Tests, Abnormal Cells and a Colposcopy

I wanted to write up my experience of a recent abnormal cell result from my smear test. I was so worried I didn't know what to do and I ended up reading all sorts and wished I found a personal account to help me. I'm writing about my results and my experience of a colposcopy where I had a biopsy taken on my cervix to check the cells. I've left several links at the bottom of this post of 2 websites; Jo's Trust and NHS Choices, which really helped me.

Face Paint Fun with Weekend Box and Snazaroo!

Image result for weekend box

This family is a big fan of Face paints, so when Weekend Box emailed us asking if we wanted a sneak peak at their new box where they've teamed up with Snazaroo Face paints, we were in with a big fat yes!

Saturday, 9 September 2017

My Sunday Photo ~ First Day back at School

We couldn't start the new academic year off without a generic first day photo by the door! Midge is starting Year 5 and Little A is starting Year 2. 

Our Summer Holiday Break

So! The summer holidays have been and gone and on Tuesday my little ones went back to school. Over the summer we had a good mixture of being away and doing our own activities. The children have had their own days out and we've had some rest days too. In this post I wanted to share what we got up to, in a nut shell of course!

We kicked off the summer holidays in a rather wonderful way with our cousins wedding. Everyone looked amazing and we all had such a lovely time celebrating with the happy brides. Here's some photos from the wedding which the children enjoyed. I just loved the whole set up!

Thursday, 7 September 2017

2017 Moo Free Bake Off ~ Vegan & Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Today I bring you a delicious cake that has taken me absolutely ages to perfect. There are so many different recipes out there on the net for all manner of free from foods and vegan cakes are no exception...Except, that every single one I looked at had a bunch of different flours, or a load of raw ingredients not to mention all the different types of foods or products that you have to go through to make a decent egg replacement.

I finally feel, after well over a year, I have found a recipe that whilst is still not as cheap to make as gluten and egg containing cake recipes, it works and is no where near as pricey as some of my previous experiments!

In this post I have used Moo Free baking chocolate drops which are available from all major supermarkets priced at £2.18 (Morrisons). I was sent my packets free of charge to participate in Moo Free's Bake Along which is a nod towards the wonderful Bake Off that I'm very glad is back! Moo Free chocolate is certified organic, GMO free and free from dairy, wheat, gluten, casein and soya making it ideal for my friends daughter's birthday!


Saturday, 2 September 2017

My Sunday Photo ~ Truro Cathedral

Day Dreams...

I'm a day dreamer. I love to sit and picture a little world I would love to become a reality one day. I love to lay down and make up a future picture for myself; I think a lot of people do this. One thing I think a lot about is my relationships and right now my energy and focus is shared between my children and my new boyfriend who I truly believe is my perfect match in this life. I knew we would be good, that we would get on but despite knowing and speaking to each other for over 3 years, new likes, passions and dislikes seemed to tumble out and they are the same! Well...mostly!

Friday, 1 September 2017

Spy Toys by Mark Powers ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway!



Toy Story meets James Bond in this incredibly action-packed new series. Spy Toys are going to take the world by storm!

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Hard at Work in the Countryside ~ My Sunday Photo

The Organic Coffee Shop ~ Redruth ~ Free From Friendly!

As any fellow free from foodie will know one thing that's really hard to adjust to is finding places that will competently serve you whatever allergy free food it is you require. It really is amazing the amount of chefs I've come across who don't know what a vegan is let alone what contains gluten and what doesn't!

I can't eat wheat, milk or gluten and avoid most meat as that makes me feel unwell too. I suffer with IBS and have done since I was 14 so this is nothing new. I've adjusted to shopping for groceries, reading labels (and do this regularly because supermarkets are always changing their ingredients!) I'm also sadly use to completely vetoing restaurants because they don't serve anything apart from a plate of chips.

I recently found a new place in the next town over from me, a lovely cafe and health food shop called The Organic Coffee Shop. This place was recommended to me by the ladies on reception at the chiropractor. The perfect opportunity to check out this new coffee shop arose when my aunt popped round my house (a vegan) and my mother came along too (my mum can't eat gluten or wheat and avoids dairy). We fancied a treat and some quality time together and I chose The Organic Coffee Shop in Redruth.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Giveaway! Men's Society Bundle

It's been a while since I hosted a giveaway on Cupcake Mumma so I have a few in the pipeline for my lovely readers. I'm kicking off with an August giveaway thanks to Men's Society who have a range of top quality male grooming items. There's also an apothecary section on their website for the ladies too! 

I'm thinking of getting a few bits from Men's Society and putting them back for the Mr this Christmas. There's a few things I wouldn't mind getting either! This Reset and Restore pamper kit for example. We will have to stay away from the glitter beard kit however!

Men's Society have put together a small bundle worth over £60 for my blog readers and social media followers. Here's what you will get from Men's Society if you are the winner:

"Damn handsome" Beard Grooming Kit - Men's Society