Vegan Easter eggs

It's very nearly Easter and I think most of us are also on our 2 week break to celebrate. I've got a super simple recipe for some yummy vegan creme eggs. If you've ever tried to buy the free from versions of these you'll know you're looking at a pack of 3 for nearly £10 on most sites and almost £3 an egg if sold individually on others.

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ April

Looking out my window

Now I have managed to sit down after a long day in the garden and out and about, outside of my window there is now mostly the night fall, the streetlamp pours a little light in showing a tree shadow. It's peaceful.

I am thinking

About my children who are enjoying a holiday with my sister. About seeing my friend that I haven't seen in years tomorrow. Also about the caramel slices hiding under my table!

I am thankful

For a glorious day which allowed us to tidy, build and plant in our very much on the way to completion garden!

One of my favorite things

Plushies. I love my collection and have been adding one a month! I like a cuddle with my plushies when I'm feeling low.

I am creating

Our garden!

I am wearing

A harry potter top (thanks issy!), a hoody, tracksuit bottoms and fluffy thick socks because I am cold!

I am reading

A book called The Explosive Child and The Kenneth Williams Diaries

I am hoping

For more good weather this week so all our plans can go ahead. Also for a good night's sleep without too much back pain from the digging!

I am learning

About different plants and vegetables. How to make a poly tunnel to help our veggies grow and reading up about how not to kill my rhubarb!

In my kitchen

Gluten and dairy free Poptarts homemade (ish) by myself. 

In the school room

Easter gardens made in Sunday School.

In my garden

Our friendly resident Robin.

Post Script

If you're a snail mail (letter writing) lover then please check out this charity Me To You Letters. I love sending letters and cards to people and this charity helps people living with cancer, especially going through treatment have some lovely happy post to look forward to.

A moment from my day

Gluten free and made with coconut milk homemade battered fish. The best I've ever made!

Closing Notes
Thank you as always for reading!

Six Surprising Clothing Trends Set to make a Comeback This Year!

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Now that the weather is getting warmer, I am taking a serious look at everyone’s wardrobe and working out what I need to buy to get the family ready for the new season.

Fortunately, my shopping list is not crazy long. But everyone needs new t-shirts, jeans and something smart to wear for parties and other special occasions. So, I’ve been browsing online to see what is available and was amazed to find that a lot of what I was looking at was actually quite retro.

Mothers Day with Newbridge Silverware ~ Review

Today I wanted to share with you some lovely jewellery for the special woman in your life this Mothers Day. 

I am very fortunate to have several women in my life who I consider to be Mums. My actual mother and my aunt.

AD ~ Find Local Clubs with Club Hub!

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Club Hub is a UK Multi award winning kids activity directory where you can search for children's clubs local to you from newborn to 18. From karate lessons, cookery classes, learning languages, holiday clubs, play centres and attractions, you are bound to find something for your child whether they are babies, pre schoolers or beyond.

♡#40Acts Week 1 ♡

This year for Lent we are joining in with thousands of other people all over the world participating in 40 Acts.

40 Acts is run by Stewardship and aims to get us giving more and spreading a bit of love This world needs a lot more kindness and if you know me, well you know I love a bit of random acts of kindness.

Respite ~ Why I'm Looking Forward to Easter!

Collaborative Post

We are very much in need of some respite. I would love a break away, longer than the loo or my shower (I'm not complaining!) A day out or a night away, maybe even a weekend break? I love weekend breaks but they seem to have disappeared over the last few years.