On Trend Gift Ideas for Father's Day

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This year, in the UK, Father’s day is 16th June, a day I am really looking forward to. It is always nice to spoil Mr K. But, working out what to buy him can be a bit of a headache and I know a lot of my friends feel the same, especially when their kids turn to them for their Father’s Day gift inspiration. So, with this in mind, I thought a short list of trendy men’s gift ideas would be welcomed by many of you.

 Trendy clothes and accessories

It is really easy to go to somewhere like jacamo.co.uk to browse all of the latest men’s clothing. Online retailers like them stock literally thousands of items that would make great gifts. Increasingly, these retailers cater to all age groups and usually stock a good range of accessories as well as clothes. A new wallet, money clip or belt can make a great present. 

A new suit or jacket 

This year, suits are very much in vogue, so if you have the budget, that could be an option. Alternatively, you could simply buy a nice shirt, a sports jersey, a utility jacket or something similar. If you have a special event coming up like a wedding buying an item of clothing for that could be an option. Or, you could keep it simple and buy a Hawaiian shirt, or a pair of shorts, for your family holiday. 

A tailored shirt 

If the man you are buying for likes shirts, buying him a tailor-made one, is a particularly good idea. It is now possible to buy them online. 

A vintage watch 

Vintage watches are very much back in vogue, at the moment. These days most men like to own more than one watch, so they are a particularly good gift. Don’t worry if you are working with a fairly tight budget. You do not necessarily have to spend too much money to get your hands on a nice one. A lot of the re-conditioned ones are surprisingly affordable. You can also buy reproduction versions. 

Personalised jewellery and accessories 

Personalising this sort of gift is also easy. It costs very little to have a nice message engraved on the back. Other items like card holders, pendants or a phone case can also be engraved or embossed. 

You could also personalise your watch gift by looking at old photos and determining what type they wore when they were younger. Potentially, you could find a watch that is just like, or very similar, to the one they used to like. We’ve all had watches that we only stopped wearing because they broke. 

 If you want more personalised gift ideas, you can easily do so online. Don’t forget to include the word monogrammed in your search term. That will provide you with a longer list of options. 

Give gifts any time of the year 

In our family, we have a tradition of giving gifts “just because”. Doing this is a nice way of letting the person you are giving to know that you love and appreciate them. As you can see here you do not have to spend a lot of money to do so.