Book Review ~ Becoming Insane by Leyla Cardena


When the monsters hiding underneath your bed are much less frightening than the bills you have to pay, the family you have to support, the job you have to find, and the unrealized dreams you cry about, then you know there’s a problem. Especially when you are a full-grown adult in your mid-thirties. It’s 1987.

 John Crane feels like throwing himself out of the window because of his depression, while his friend Jack Vain has to support his spiraling O.C.D. and panic attacks. 

 Their issues are driving them into a shared psychosis. Without these issues, John and Jack may never have needed to go searching for the demon in the middle of the night, through the mean streets of New York. John Crane’s writings will never be read and discussed, and Jack Vain’s drawings and paintings will never be seen and admired. But the creature is here. It knows them. It wants them. It wants their help. It wants to eat, to touch, to create. It wants to live and be free. It wants to avoid death and become immortal. John and Jack’s creativity looks like the perfect host. 

 As the beast of insanity takes hold, will John and Jack survive their own imaginations? 

What I Thought

As some people may know  I am not someone who reads thrillers very often. I have to say though I love the feel to this book. It's almost as if you get into both John and Jack's head, which is clever and not easy for a writer to do.

I thoroughly enjoyed Becoming Insane by Leyla Cardena and would recommend it to anyone but especially someone who might like a quick but thrilling book they could devour in several days.


 Book Title: Becoming Insane
 Author: Leyla Cardena
 Release Date: 30th April 2019 
Genre: Thriller 
Page Count: 214 
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing 

About the Author

 I was born on the 2nd of August 1990 in Geneva, Switzerland, and still live there until today. I haven’t even changed neighborhood! I still like it very much and the fact that I live near the red-light district makes it even more interesting. 

I had many little jobs since the age of fourteen, shoe shops, hairdressers, pharmacy, boutiques. Then from the age of sixteen until eighteen I became an apprentice as an administrative assistant, working at the company three times a week and going to commercial school twice a week. I then found a job at eighteen as an administrative assistant in a trust company then got promoted as a legal assistant for its corporate department. 

I went to night school to study law, and gathered some other professional certificates/diplomas during that time. At 23, I quit everything as I realized that the only reason why I did all this was because I needed to be financially stable enough to write and create. Something I unfortunately didn’t have the time to do while working and studying.