Six Surprising Clothing Trends Set to make a Comeback This Year!

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Now that the weather is getting warmer, I am taking a serious look at everyone’s wardrobe and working out what I need to buy to get the family ready for the new season.

Fortunately, my shopping list is not crazy long. But everyone needs new t-shirts, jeans and something smart to wear for parties and other special occasions. So, I’ve been browsing online to see what is available and was amazed to find that a lot of what I was looking at was actually quite retro.

Linen is back in style.

As you can see here linen is back. It has been a good 20 to 30 years since it was last this big. In the 90s, a lot of men and women were wearing linen suits or trousers. I for one am glad to see this durable, stylish, lightweight and environmentally friendly fabric making a bit of a comeback. It is especially good for very hot days because it allows your skin to breathe naturally. Sure, it can rumple a bit, but what material doesn’t? The great thing about linen is it washes up really nicely and dries very quickly. So, I for one will definitely be getting back into wearing it, this spring.

Other natural fabrics.

Hemp and bamboo clothing are also back on trend. Both fabrics have finally gone mainstream and, this year, garments made with it are going to be far easier to find.

Baggy jeans

For a while now, jeans have been getting baggier. It is still easy to buy the skinny cuts we have all been wearing for nearly a decade now but the comfy, high waisted wide tapered cuts of the 90s are back in fashion.

The all denim look

Just like last year, the all in denim look is set to be very popular. You have always been able to get your hands on jeans and jackets. Now, you will find that denim shirts are widely available. In the cool spring weather, they are great for staying warm in the evenings. For the summer months wear them as an alternative to a lightweight jacket.

The tie-dye look

If you like colourful clothes that are not super bright keep an eye out for tie-dyed t-shirts, blouses and comfy slouch trousers. They look especially good when you pair them with something plain. 

Track and shell suits

In the late 80s and early 90s, everyone was wearing track suits or shell suits. From the looks of things, we will be doing the same this year.

How to save money on fashion items

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