Respite ~ Why I'm Looking Forward to Easter!

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We are very much in need of some respite. I would love a break away, longer than the loo or my shower (I'm not complaining!) A day out or a night away, maybe even a weekend break? I love weekend breaks but they seem to have disappeared over the last few years.

Regular followers will know that as a family, we've been going through a tough time. We've got a lot of referrals stacking up with long wait times (children's mental health alone is 20 weeks!) We've got social services still involved and will have for the foreseeable future. She has some thoughts and ideas and is really behind us which means a lot-  at last!

We have James's new diagnosis (severe sensory processing disorder) and are awaiting a test for ADHD. Plus all the normal things that come along with the parenting game: hormones, SATS, clubs and then there's our own appointments! We are regulars at the doctors and chemists for Mr K's batches of medication and I've been having scans; I'm due an endoscopy this weekend which I am dreading!

Needless to say we are both ready for this break. Easter half term is still a few weeks away but I am way ahead of the game and planning some things already. It goes without saying that I love my children with all of my heart but we all know as parents how tough it can be. It's even harder when you have to deal with multiple additional needs from at least 3 children! So do I feel ashamed to say I need some respite? No!

I usually plan something for A over the holidays as I believe he needs some routine and structure. He tends to do something sports orientated at the local leisure centres but I wanted to try something new this time around so we've opted for a local forest school! There's a woods close by that will have a mix of ages building dens, campfires and simply playing in the great outdoors! A isn't too keen but he's just got it in his head that he won't be celebrating Easter or going to his Aunties house which, as he won't listen, he will have to wait until the following week to find out that simply isn't true!

My wonderful sister and her partner have just bought a new house, their first and have kindly agreed to take both the children for 5 days. They will both have so much fun so I'm not worried at all. It also ties in nicely with my Mum visiting. Originally she was going to come with my Dad and come straight here but now she can see my sister before travelling to us for the weekend as planned!

I am looking forward to some respite. It won't be a lot because we will still have to do club runs and find things to do for the other 3 when A is out at his forest school. When my 2 head off to Nottingham to see my sister we will still have James and Will to occupy for most of the week as usual too but I am so hoping we can get at least a couple of days off to rest up. We've been talking about having an overnight stay somewhere which would be amazing. I haven't been to Brighton before, I'm not sure why I've always been so keen to visit but I have. We would have to see what our savings say for that one but even if we get a chance to do something for ourselves it will be such a nice experience and a real healer too to be honest.

So although things are hard, and some days really are tough, I must admit to looking forward to my pre-planned Easter half term and I keep using it to remind myself to plod on, keep going. Sometimes it's all we can do isn't it?

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