Mothers Day with Newbridge Silverware ~ Review

Today I wanted to share with you some lovely jewellery for the special woman in your life this Mothers Day. 

I am very fortunate to have several women in my life who I consider to be Mums. My actual mother and my aunt.

Newbridge Silverware have a large range of jewellery and silverware items and I was lucky enough to choose several pieces from their collection for my mum and aunt this Mothers Day. 

I have chosen a beautiful rose gold pendant for my aunt and a lovely bangle for my Mum which I think will go with many of her dresses she wears on special occasions. 

The MoonKoin Collection by Newbridge Silverware evokes all the fun and vibrancy of summer. The MoonKoin half enamel bangle looks great layered with other MoonKoin pieces and comes in a variety of enamel colours including lilac, pink, nude, white, green blue and black. This bangle is currently priced at £24.58.

The MoonKoin enamel pendant is a contemporary vibrant piece and a great choice to transform your look.  It comes with a slider mechanism for easy adjustment so my mum can wear it at whatever length she likes, or she can layer up the look with multiple pieces. The pendant is currently priced at £31.73.

I think both of these gifts will be a real hit for my mum and aunt. Are you celebrating Mothers Day this year with someone who means a lot to you? Whether they are your mum, auntie, cousin or friend I really hope you have a wonderful day. I look forward to spoiling mine from afar with these lovely pieces and a pre booked afternoon tea!