Book Review: Blood of the Red Rose by P.J.Grey

About the Book

Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset, finds himself exiled in France when Warwick the Kingmaker puts Edward IV on the throne of England. Desperate to return the throne to the rightful King Henry VI, Beaufort finds himself caught between Henry's bitter wife Marguerite of Anjou and the French 'Spider' King Louis until Edward and Warwick fall out in spectacular style and, at Louis' urging, Warwick becomes their unlikely ally. Set on the rich stage of the Wars of the Roses, this is a tale of intrigue, love and war that can only end in tragedy.

Information about the Book

Title: Blood of the Red Rose
Author: P. J. Gray
Release Date: 14th August 2018
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

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What did I think?

If you know me then you know historic fiction is my favourite genre, I read a lot of books from Phillipa Gregory and I would say she is my top author for this genre. I am, however, always keen to read many books and was super excited to see how Blood of the Red Rose would go down.

I'm totally adding it to my book shelf and if you're a fan of historical fiction then I really recommend giving this book a read. There's lots of characters to get to know, plenty of love and war but you will get completely sucked in to the 14th Century to follow Beaufort, his allies and his enemies in this wonderful novel. 

About the author

Philippa was born in Chichester and developed a passion for history whilst growing up in Cyprus and then North Yorkshire. She began writing when she was at junior school, winning the school prize for English, and wrote and illustrated her own stories which she read to her long-suffering friends.

 She started her first novel, Blood of the Red Rose, when her elder daughter was a baby and finally completed it twenty-eight years later.


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