Let Them Eat Dirt - New Book and Food for Thought...

My whole childhood was spent in the glorious countryside. I honestly had a brilliant up bringing. I started my life in the Cotswolds living in a farm house opposite a stud that my dad worked on as the stud groom. I grew up with my 2 younger siblings and my mum being a stay at home parent most of the time and putting in night shifts as a health carer. At one point she was studying too.
 I remember a lot of things from my childhood  but one thing I honestly  don't remember? Getting sick
! I remember the chicken pox and I remember a nasty virus the rest? Nothing! Myself and my siblings had amazing attendance throughout primary and that continued through secondary when we moved to Cornwall. Again in the middle of no where surrounded by wildlife, horses and more muck and dirt than you could shake a stick At!

I think my upbringing and the environment I was brought up in has had a huge in pact on my health and immune system, something we don't see much anymore. My mum will tell you (unashamedly) that she is no super cleaning lady. She only started using kitchen wipes in the last 2 years and that was down to me! The shame!

I grew up playing with my 3 dogs. I had about 10 ducks to help clean out and we would search for our fresh egg offerings from our lovely Misty, Dirty Rascle and Spice. We fell in duck poo. A lot. I ate horse pellets and mucked out race horses. We climbed hay bales, ran from rams and hung out on trees, walls and in paddocks. We travelled on tractors and trailers, played with our cats, guinea pig and rabbit and sometimes stuck our hands in the fish tank. You know what? I rarely remember washing my hands before dinner! I didn't see any evidence of kitchen wipes, the bathroom had the odd bleach down the loo and the Hoover went around downstairs a few times a week. We didn't get our beds changed weekly or carry hand sanitizer around and we didn't get sick! 

Fast forward to today and I think a lot has changed. Reading Let Them Eat Dirt really made me consider the difference in how I was brought up and how my children are. I'm always spraying my kitchen, I hate a dirty bathroom, I'd probably freak out if they pet a horse then ate a biscuit but why? 

The fact is if we allowed our bodies to do their jobs the vast majority of us would be feeling a lot better! I see my parents, my aunt, my gran and my brother pretty much living the same way they always have done. Clean but not over done. No kitchen wipes, bleach comes out now and then and hoovering done when it gets ridiculous. I'm not the worst but I'm certainly different to them in my attitude. 

After reading this book I'm really keen to get back some of my care free ways. I really don't think it would harm me at all. In fact, I'll probably find it quite freeing! Let Them Eat Dirt is a fascinating read. Anyone can read it but you might get a little bored  (like myself) if the science talk gets too much. I love science but too much and I get bored. There's a lot in the book that I think is aimed at the first time parent or those who have had a baby recently as there are several chapters focusing on microbes from birth; the moment the child is born, breastfeeding and cleanliness. There are tips and dos and dont's in the chapters too. 

If you're into the science behind our immune systems and want to learn more about microbes especially how they can help your families I think Let Them Eat Dirt is a good read. You can purchase Let Them Eat Dirt here

Cupcake Mumma