Face Paint Fun with Weekend Box and Snazaroo!

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This family is a big fan of Face paints, so when Weekend Box emailed us asking if we wanted a sneak peak at their new box where they've teamed up with Snazaroo Face paints, we were in with a big fat yes!
Weekend Box is a subscription box for your little one's full of various fun crafts to do at home. We've reviewed them before and the children loved the content. Teaming up with Snazaroo is a fantastic idea. I don't know many children who don't enjoy face painting! My 2 were really excited to have a look at the contents.

We had a Snazaroo face painting stamp kit with the colours orange, yellow and green. We had 3 stamps: a cupcake, a music note and a smiley face. We then had a mini face paint selection which included a small brush, black, white and yellow face paint.

Both the children wanted to try the stamps out first. Midge went for the cupcake and Little A went for the smiley face. I liked that Little A could join in doing his own stamp. He chose a green and painted his stamp before asking me to press it on his cheek. He liked them a lot; Midge thought they were quite good but I wasn't keen on them. I think they're good fun for the children to do alone and with their adult but my attempts at printing them were underwhelming; I think I need more practice!

We went to my parents house last weekend and took the paints out with us. There's always a market on down by the beach and Little A wanted to put some face paint on and go down to the beach to show it off. He chose Batman, so I did what I could:

I think he looks really cool and everyone else seemed to think so too. Snazaroo is really good for quite delicate skin, although we did struggle to get the black off completely and have since had trouble getting green off with just using some water and wiping. Little A's skin looked a little yellow! In the end a shower helped the most. I never find face paint comes off as easy as I'd like but it didn't cause us much problem. Just some  colourful eyebrows for a couple of days! 

I think this box is a great idea and is great fun. I would definitely recommend it and so would Little A who loves things like this. I think he wants me to paint him as a cow next to go with his school topic of farming. Watch this space!

Cupcake Mumma