I've Nothing to Wear! Special Occasion Outfit Stress Sorted ~

The Mini Cupcakes have broken up from school and we are all looking forward to the summer holidays. Last year we did lots of different things like watching The Man Engine come to town, a trip to Plymouth and the local cinema. This year our summer holiday seems to be very family orientated which is lovely. We are seeing Mr K and soon after we go camping near my sister so we can see Aunty Issy and her partner. First up though is a rather special occasion: a family wedding! 

We're all travelling up to camp for several nights and watch our cousin marry her partner. It's going to be such a wonderful day! Midge has had her dress and shoes picked out for ages (which won't surprise anyone!) She's gone for something really cool, not your usual wedding outfit but I'm okay with it. She is of course, ever the determined girl, to wear her little heeled shoes...bare in mind this is an outdoor wedding at a sustainability center so that should be interesting!

Little A doesn't do the whole shirt or suit thing so he'll be donning a pair of school trousers that I don't mind getting dirty outside and he has a couple of tops to chose from and I don't think anyone will stop him from wearing his Marvel shoes! Luckily my cousin and her girlfriend are pretty relaxed and happy for everyone to wear what they like...

Lucky really because after having very little success I've threatened to go in my pyjamas! I have really struggled to find something that suits me and doesn't cost an arm and a leg! I've put on weight so I'm not feeling confident either. I've tried all my local stores but *sigh* I left simply feeling a bit rubbish about myself and annoyed at the lack of choice. I did buy some nice pumps to go with whatever I did find, they're nice but I'm well aware you're supposed to chose the outfit first!

I remembered a while ago I went onto LoveTheSales website and found some great sale deals on hoodies and trainers from Superdry and Sketchers that I would never be able to afford normally so I thought I'd check them out as my last shot!

I don't normally check out dresses but I know one style I love and that suits me is the skater dress style but I've always found it really hard to find them. LoveTheSales has a section for all the styles including this- win! So, I've narrowed it down to these:

I'm now in a 14-16 and I find the models in these sections much easier to relate to. The dresses from Asos through LoveTheSales' website are lovely.

I love the dresses from Izabel, who would've thought I could afford to buy a dress from there?!

And the ones from Derhy via Zalando, the pricier one of the three but a beautiful dress for a wedding party and one I can wear throughout summer too (getting my monies worth!) 

So as usual the children are all sorted and it's just good ol' Mum who is left wondering what on earth to wear! At least now I have some options!

Do you have any special occasions to go to this summer and are you as ready as I am? 

Cupcake Mumma

*via love the sales*