The Vegan Burd ~ Delicious Vegan Chocolates

I have to share this with you all. I came across a post online a while ago and checked out Adele's Etsy store to view her selection of chocolates. The Vegan Burd has really made a hit with these chocolates which have been so popular my delivery was put back by a few weeks! Adele kept in constant contact using Etsy messaging which comes directly to my e-mail and even refunded a percentage of my original bill. 

There are a range of these yummy chocolates but the ones I chose were Snackurz:

So deliciously peanutty! The chocolate was just the right thickness, the filling was pure peanut heaven even the bits in (who wants smooth peanut butter? Seriously...) It was melt in the mouth delicious and I wish I had bought 2!

I then tried Rollaz:

I was slightly disappointed with the Rollaz. I thought the inside of the chocolates would have a bit more caramel but it was quite thick with the raw ingredients. I think I would've preferred a sweeter filling. Having said that, I know people who have loved this vegan take on Rolos! I personally would purchase another Snackurz or my favourite one below...

Ahh my favourite! The Yer BoundTae. One word: LUSH. The chocolate is the same thickness as the other bars of the same shape and size. The inside is so, so good. It's not all squashed and squeezed together but has delicious bits of desiccated coconut which just falls in to your mouth (and a little on your lap but who's judging?)  This would be my number one.

Adele is currently catching up on orders so you'll notice her Etsy isn't stocked up at the moment. However, keep up to date with her on her Facebook page The Vegan Burd and on Twitter @veganburd

*I bought these products using my own money and have not been asked to review any of the products featured within this post.