Smug Pets Poo Bag Review

This is Peppa:

    Peppa is a pampered pooch. She's a bit of a princess, a bit stubborn and a little sulky. She's also a smug pet and she's very proud to be showing off her new collection of dog poo bags to my readers today.

Smug pets have a variety of pet products for you to purchase from their website and we were selected to review a large box of 20 rolls (300!) poo bags.
No one likes this job but it's part and parcel of owning your own furry four legged poop machine friend.

Smug Pets 300 Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags Plus Clip On Dispenser-SmugPets

Did you know

  • There are over 8 million dogs in the UK (rspca)
  • UK dogs produce 1000 tonnes of waste every day. (, 2002; estimate based on 6.5 million dogs.)
  • 95% of the British public are worried about the amount of dog waste in public places. (local government association, UK) 2013

Now, I'm not going to tell you that these bags have solved my poo picking aversion, it'll always be a disgusting job but they do have a lot of plus points.

They smell REALLY good. Smug pets have heavily scented these waste bags and I am very grateful. They really do mask that awful smell not only when picking up after your pooch but they also help when you're stuck with the bag until the elusive poo bin turns up (I swear there's not enough!?) so instead of me walking around smelling of crap I actually have a much nicer smell following me around!

The bags are oxo biodegradable. Big bonus for me and anyone concerned about our environment (which you kinda should be) these bags will take as little as 18 months to dissolve compared to the cheaper bags and carrier bags often used as a replacement.

SmugPets 300 Premium Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags-SmugPets

They are thick! Ever picked up a dog turd and questioned if you are in fact even using a bag? I know I have which is why this is my biggest point. Thin bags are horrible, I'm not going to have any unfortunate incidents with these bags or feel like I'm using my bare hands which, let's be honest, is more than a little disgusting.

The set of bags I was sent for review also came with a handy poo bag dispenser that clips onto my jeans if I'm going for a long walk or nipping out and also to other items such as my handbag so it doesn't get lost or even to my dogs lead. At first I found it a bit fiddly, sometimes the roll got twisted but now I'm used to it I can pull a bag out and pull it off whilst using my other hand to keep the rest of the roll in place.

So if you are a poo picking dodger because:

It stinks
Bags are too thin
All bags are bad
You've 'got no pockets'
It smells when I'm carrying it
You have no excuses (you didn't in the first place as far as I'm concerned but you know...)

Check out Smug Pets on twitter and visit their website for more products including this set of 30 poo bag rolls currently retailing at a sale price of £13.99 (normally £19.99) with bag dispenser for your smug pet. Peppa likes them and so do her friends Milly and Sam so what are you waiting for?

Cupcake Mumma