Using Bidvine to Help Locate Local Businuess

This year we are all super excited to be heading back to Cambridge in June to see family and have a good old party. I'm also excited to be seeing a good friend. I've been planning everything: how to get there, mentally making a list of all the clothes I should pack, wondering how much spending money I may need (not a lot), planning where to sleep and of course, the most important, the food. I forgot one thing however...I have a dog!!

I completely forgot that I need to organise some proper care for my lovely pooch Peppa and she's a special dog who needs a special place. Normally she would stay with a family member but this year that's not possible (they now have a very little dog and my dog isn't friends with little dogs!) I was pleased to receive an email from Bidvine, a company that allows you to search for exactly what you need using your postcode and sends out your request to their registered users who then get in contact with you using Bidvine offering their services.

I've not heard of Bidvine before so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I typed in 'Pet Boarding' and my postcode into the search bar. I then had to answer a few questions to help determine exactly what I needed. For example, how long my dog would need boarding, any special requirements, date of stay to and from and you can search for people to come to you or select a mileage you are happy to travel in order to drop off and collect your pet. 

This process is really easy and super quick. Your request gets submitted and if there are any people who are available and suitable they are made aware of your request and can submit their business to you which you can choose to accept or not. Sounds really simple!

Hopefully Peppa will be happy whilst we are away although I'm sure we'll miss each other lots. We have plenty of time to visit the kennels and make sure we are happy with them. 

Cupcake Mumma