Back to School with Hartley's Jelly Pots!

The children and I were really excited to open our post from Hartley's when it arrived last week. We're taking part in their 'Back to School' campaign which is really exciting because we love, love, love jelly! Normally we buy the jelly in cubes and make a big bowl of it to share but I've never thought about putting in the children's lunchbox which is such a shame because they'd really enjoy it! There are six flavours to choose from in Hartley's jelly pot range; our favourite is raspberry but you can have strawberry, orange, tropical, apple and blackcurrant. In our box we got some strawberry jelly pots to try out plus a lunchbox and stickers for Little A to have (Midge already has a new lunchbox.)

The children gave the strawberry pots a big thumbs up (well they did have 3 in a row!) and I really liked them too, though I still prefer raspberry. I'd buy a different flavour to try next time or perhaps lots of different flavours so the children got a different pot for each day they went to school.

Here's what Midge had to say about the jelly pots:

"They were awesome and delicious! I love how they taste and strawberry is my favourite flavour. It'd be brilliant to take them to school because it would be different, usually we have the same things all the time, I'd love to see a jelly pot in my lunch box!"

I've bought Hartley jam's and jelly's for a very long time and have never been disappointed in any of their products. I love that their jelly pots have no added sugar (and that for me they are only a 10 calorie snack!) We tested the lunchbox out today and I can confirm unlike Little A's old lunchbox, the jelly fits so he's also happy with that!

Have you tried Hartley's jelly pots? Let us know what you think of them too!