Love Sales? Then Head to Love The

I don't think there is anything in my home that is full price (honest, not unless someone bought it for me) I love charity shops, where you find so many great items for bargain prices. I also love the sales, I mean really love the sales. I'm pretty good now at only buying items I need. I always go into a shop with a sale on because I can't resist a nose about and I do pick up items but I almost always go back around the store putting the stuff back again!

A bargain isn't a bargain unless you need it!

I wanted to check some spring sales for new clothes for myself as it's that time of year where I start going through my cupboards and pass things on I hardly wear. Trouble is, a lot of my stuff doesn't really fit me anymore so a lot of it is in the charity shop bag waiting to go (we all have one right? In an under-stairs cupboard collecting and hiding kids toys and husbands horrible jumpers?) which leaves me (honestly) needing new clothes! I checked out Love the Sales website to get some new bits. Here, hundreds of sale items from various stores online (from designer to high street) are ready for you to browse which is much easier than searching the net for hours! I thought LoveTheSales was just another clothes website to be honest but it isn't; it has kids clothes, toys, gadgets, footwear and much more. I had a budget of £40 and at first I wanted this Superdry hoodie but when it comes to a sale I really hate to spend my whole budget on 1 item so I reconsidered. I really did need a new hoodie so I went for this Weird Fish one which came from the M&M Direct sale. A bargain at £24.99 from £59.99

My raspberry coloured Weird Fish hoodie

With my left over money I decided to take on a tougher challenge. I went in search for a hoodie for Mr B. He only wears branded hoodies because they last longer but because they have quite a price tag he doesn't own very many. It took me half an hour if I'm honest to find one but yes, I did find one. Using the website I went through USC's sale section and got him a SoulCal hoodie for £10!! RRP £36!!

Mr B in his hoodie

Why am I so happy? Because I don't get to normally wear, let alone buy branded clothing unless they are second had and of course, I'm over the moon to get nice clothes within a budget. I even went to my savings pot and purchased some Sketchers so I can jog properly without hurting myself when I came across some for £29 instead of £70...Now you can't tell me you'd walk away from that and I did need some decent footwear for working out! Seriously, I can't recommend enough, the customer service has been amazing, delivery was quick from the companies and any questions I had were answered quickly (even at the weekend). 

Gorgeous Sketchers from £70 to £29

Why are you still reading this? GO!

Cupcake Mumma