Fathers Day with BonusPrint

Fathers Day has come about pretty darn fast if you ask me. It's always one I struggle with the most as well considering you're buying for men. As if birthdays and Christmas were not hard enough I have to think of a gift for my Dad, help the children come up with a gift for their Daddy and also help Other Half in the decision making for his Dad and Step Dad so yes, a lot of thought goes into Fathers Day here!

Dads are special aren't they? So like Mums they deserve something special too. I love getting my teddy bears, mugs and anything with 'Worlds Best Mum' and the like written on it but if there is something I love even more than those things it's a picture of my beautiful children!

I'm not one to usually go and buy anything more than a photo mug gift for any male in my life but when Bonus Print offered me the chance to review one of their products I thought I'd have a look around and see what they had to offer. I had never been on this website before but it was very easy to use although the amount of time I spent on there trying to make up my mind about what to order was a surprise! Turns out they have so many wonderful items and ideas it's a bit difficult to choose which is the best!

In the end I opted for a nice framed print. Sure I could pop to my pound store but the frames aren't good quality and I find my photos always start to slip down after a while. I also thought how nice it was to be getting something different and in my opinion there is no such thing as too many photos on the wall (unlike too many mugs in the cupboard!)

My photo was extremely well protected which i am always pleased to see! Even the glass comes with a protective film on top to prevent marks and scratches. The company really does want your item to arrive in the very best condition.

My image is clear, and everything is exactly how it looked on my screen during the ordering process.

I'm really pleased with my item I ordered. I got to choose from a lot of different frames (do check the pricing as it does change with different styles) you can have thin frames, thick frames and you can even choose a nice coloured frame. You can choose to mount your photo or not, and you can change the background colour as well.

What I really liked about this part of the ordering process was that you could choose additional items to go with your order such as handy hooks and nails so you don't have to scrabble around at home trying to find some picture hooks (just the hammer!) you can even buy stands to place your picture pride and place of a table, mantle piece what ever you wish!

I can hang my photo from wall, or i can find my hammer and put it properly anywhere I like!
The only thing now is I'll have to order more! But I highly, highly recommend both the product and the company. I know I'll be using them again!

Cupcake Mumma

*The framed photo above that I made to suit my liking cost around £32.00. Prices for framed photos start from £15.44

* I was given a voucher to purchase an item from Bonus Print. However, all views and opinions are, as always, my own.