Meeting Myself Linky Week 2

Welcome to Meeting Myself Coming Back, a little Blog Hop Linky created by A Twenty Something Mum and Makeshift Mummy. Every other week we will post a series of questions which you are welcome to join in at your leisure. 

First there are a few rules:
1. You MUST copy the rules before you write your answers.
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3. Don't hold back and enjoy ;-) 

So without further ado here are this weeks questions...
1. Which Disney (or any film) character would you be and why?
I don't mind the odd Disney film but not quite as into them as a lot people I know! I think if there was one character I have always loved and dreamed of when I was a little girl it was the Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. I think it's because I used to have long blond hair and I loved her dress. Little Miss also likes the Disney Princess, however much like Chloe she likes Belle or Cinderella.

2. What is your strangest habit? Do you know why you have it?
I have several and they are both to do with my hair. They also both down to how bored, stressed or anxious I am (Thankful never all three at the same time!) I twist my hair, sometimes I don't know i'm doing it other times i'm quite oddly proud of the mini nest i create! The other one is running my hands through my hair and pulling it out. This I don't realise (unless I have an itch I then realise I've got too carried away and stop!) 

3. What's your earliest memory?
I think one of my earliest memories is being with my Dad where he used to work on the stud. I stayed up late with him in his office. Next door to us was a stable with a sliding window you would use to check on the horse. I remember him lifting me up and I watched a mare foal. It was wonderful and I remember thinking that it wasn't gross at all but that was amazing!

4. We are off on holiday what's the one thing you could not leave behind? (not your passport)
If i'm going off on holiday then I am not leaving without my pill box. My box includes, imodium, heartburn tablets, flu tablets for Other Half, plenty of paracetemol for me, 'The' pill, my crazy pills, a stash of teething gel and calpol sachets for emergencies. Oh, and plasters!

5. If you had to choose one to save would you chose sight or sound? Why?
I would without a doubt save my sight. I couldn't bare the thought of having trust someone else to help me cross a road saftly, to not walk me into a lampost and laugh at me and all the horrible things people could do! I don't think I could imagine not looking at my children's and my partner's face ever again. At least I could write and learn to sign if I lost my hearing. Hopefully neither will ever happen.

6. What are your pet hates?
My pet hates are: Other Half dumping his clothes, the loo seat being left up, the flush not being used, my tins not being put back correctly (cupcakes facing the front!), dirty kitchens, babies with shoes, getting me shoes trodden on from behind,incredibly slow walkers when i'm in buggy mode, loud chewing, spitting and most nastiness.....*breathes*

7. What was the last thing that made you laugh?
It was Little Man holding onto the television stand doing mini squats to the theme tune of the cartoon 'Arther' that I insisted we watched!

8. What was the last thing that made you cry?
2 days ago. Little Miss was constanbtly waking with silly demands (i want this pillow, i want a drink, i have snot, my teddies have moved, my t-shirt has moved, i neeed socks on! Followed by screaming until I caved) Little Man was awoken either by this or by his teeth (i had no supplies in either!) Other Half was not as supportive as usual so when I reached my 'point' it was 2am and I was on the sofa crying until I was woken up by Other Half an hour later telling me to get to bed. What didn't help was that I also had a 9am GP appointment!

9. What is your favourite thing to do with your non mummy time?
I love my own company. I like to take a nap but more often I have a hot, hot, hot shower, i'll paint my toe nails and sort out my finger nails. I like to pluck my eyebrows and read a book or just catch up on 'Mummy TV' and blog. Otherwise I love my camera and taking photos is wonderfully relaxing (sometimes)!

10. Describe yourself honestly in five words.
Friendly. Loyal. Short-tempered. Sensitive. Worrier.

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Natalie said...

Oh, him bopping sounds so adorable!! Your list of pet hates and mine pretty much match, though I've just gone a rant about rude people. My 'baking cupboard' is my pride and joy, woe betide anybody messes it up (which he DOES- why don't men GET IT?!) Fab answers hun! xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for joining in hun! Nice answers and me and Little Miss clearly share good taste to both like Belle!x

Makeshift Mummy said...

Haha the squats had e laughing out loud too. Brilliant that could havebeena you've been framed moment for sure. Your earliest memory is amazing. It sounds like a scene from a film. Great answers hun can't wait to see what the next week brings. Feel free to invite your followers to join in too as its a great way for people to get to meet/know them :-) Take care, Kate (aka xx