Meeting Myself...A New Meme

Welcome to Meeting Myself Coming Back, a little Blog Hop/ Linky created by A Twenty Something Mum and Makeshift Mummy. Every other week we will post a series of questions which you are welcome to join in at your leisure.

First there are a few rules:
1. You MUST copy the rules before you write your answers.
2. You MUST include the introduction and original header saying how these two fabulous yummy mummy's created it.
3. Don't hold back and enjoy ;-) 

1. List the names of up to 10 people you wouldn't mind being stuck in a lift with and why:
I have to say I'm not the type of girl who steps into a lift but if I had to be and I could have a choice of whom I was stuck in said lift with it would be the following: Other Half, probably be the only one to calm my sobbing, hyperventilating self down for a start so he'd have to be there! I love Alan Carr so he would be on my list, Daniel Radcliff, perfectly nice chap think we could have a good chat! David Tennant would be awesome (as Doctor Who of course because lets face it, he's bound to find a way out!), Ed Sheeren (with his guitar of course), James Cordon (I heart him), Pam from Gavin and Stacey- she is just too funny could you imagine the fun in this lift!? My sister because she is the only who wouldn't be sued if she slapped me (just in case I do get over hysterical you see) and my 2 penfriends- just because.

 2. Aside from being a parent what's your greatest achievement and why?
M greatest achievement is probably coming out the other side with regards to my constant worrying and anxiety. Therapy really helped me. At first I was I was worried what everyone would think about me going to this but after a short time I realised it didn't matter what anyone else though because this was going to change me. I'm not cured no, I'm a born worrier like many people out there. Sometimes my worries can be particularly nasty and I never like to share those, that's more an OCD type of thing though! I still suffer anxiety but I am much more confident than I was before and I am a much better person for it!

 3. Who's your naughtiest crush?
 I don't think I really have a 'naughtiest' crush. I fancy James Cordon though which no one understands but I don't like thin men I like men with meat on them mmmm

4. Whats the one thing you want but don't have? And how far would you go to get it?
There are things I want if we're talking material but a bit of saving would get me there! Otherwise I'm pretty content and can't think of anything I really want that much that I'd have think 'what can I do to get this?'

5. Do you remember your dreams and if so whats your most memorable one?
I usually do remember my dreams it's almost like they're not even dreams at all. One dream I was drowning and I was calling out to my Dad only to find no noise was coming out of my mouth. I woke myself up to find I was trying to shout 'help me' and reaching out! That wasn't pleasant to say the least. On the up side, i also had a dream the other night it was brother that was guilty for the murder  of Heather Trott -way too much Eastenders!

6. What are your biggest regrets and why?
I try not to regret anything anymore so no, I have nothing to put here!

7.Does your imagination get the better of you?
I often drift off, have a funny five minutes in my own little land, and I can have pretty obsessive thoughts (definitely an imagination override!) some of my thoughts are pretty imaginative and sometimes over the top, pretty detailed and not that much fun. Or I can picture scenarios of the past or even future ones. I don't think it gets the better of me though!

8. What's the one thing you would change about yourself both mentally and physically?
Physically I hate my nose. It's the only thing I have tried very hard to come to terms with and totally failed to after all these years. I have a bump at the top, it's a bit wonky and pointed. There are bigger noses and worst noses out there but mine is up there with some of the worse!
Mentally I could do with erasing any part of my brain prone to anxiety and depression. How much easier and calmer my life would be!

9. What scares you more than anything else? 
I'm a wuss so apart from the worst of the worst (loosing my partner or children which I can't even write about so I won't) I am really, honestly scared by the following: Lots of people staring at me (social anxiety cue sweating, blushing, stuttering and fleeing the scene in tears!), flying, travelling underground, being in a field with cows (petrified), heights, the sea, spiders, wasps, bees, driving (it scares the hell out of me being behind the wheel and I will never be put there again!) 

10. How do you hope you are perceived to be by others?
I hope people perceive me as a nice, friendly person who is willing to help others. I hope I come across as approachable, possibly a good listener (because I am!). I can be a bit 'out there' or 'weird' but I don't feel that comes across until you actually know me ie in 'real life'.

If you fancy joining in with this new meme then please click the badge above, grab your questions and have some fun! Look forward to reading everyone elses!


Aimee Jo said...

Hi, I love the design of your blog. This meme is great, I haven't had a go at one yet but might give it a try. I also suffer with anxiety on and off so bravo for giving yourself a pat on the back for fighting it. Well done you.
Aimee x

CupcakeMumma said...

Thanks so much for your comments that means so much to me. Sorry you suffer anxiety too it isnt much fun is it? Hope you're well though and thanks for following. Let me know if you do do this meme! x

Vikki @ Mummys Cheeky Monkey said...

You're blog is looking fab hun and love this meme, have joined in myself after reading yours :)xxx

CupcakeMumma said...

Ill have a good read of yours too thanks for the comment! xx

prabh said...

its very nice and funny t shirt