Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Rare Disease Day 2018 with The FSH Society

Today is Rare Disease Day.

A day to raise more awareness and hopefully more money to fund research into finding cures for all those who are affected by rare diseases. The European union has so far recorded that there are approximately 7,000 rare diseases.

My partner Martyn (who blogs at Inside Martyns Thoughts) suffers from Facioscapluohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD for short) This is a rare disease which affects between 2,000-2,500 people in the UK. 
Several generations of a family are often affected by the condition. It can be diagnosed at any age and can vary widely between individuals, even within the same family. One-third of those with the condition are unaware of the symptoms right into old age.

FSHD is caused by a genetic mutation which causes a toxic protein to be produced in the muscle, killing the muscle cells. There is currently no treatment available targeting the underlying genetic causes of FSHD.  The FSH Society is constantly researching and raising funds for a cure to this progressive illness. 

This year for rare disease day The FSH Society wants everyone to share their rare talent. So first, I will share the best unique talent I have! Share yours online and use #fshraretalent so everyone can see yours!

Now I know not everyone can touch their nose with their tongue so I'm going to be proud of this talent!! I'm also donating to The FSH Society which you can do too whether you choose to share your talent or not. You can sponsor them by clicking this link.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Adidas Sport Performance trainers from Footway ~ Review

Like most parents, I like to get my children to write me a list of gift ideas for their birthdays so I have some idea of what I can buy them and a few ideas to float around to family who ask me "Please tell me what I can get them I have no idea!" This year both of mine have asked for new trainers. Now, lucky for me I was approached by Footway who offered me some shoes to review. 

I was really pleased to go through their site which has many different types of shoe to choose from. I decided Midge would benefit from some shoes which would be comfortable and fit her well giving her feet some support. I chose the Adidas Sport Performance shoes and they have gone down very well!

We decided to test them out on the first snow day of the year whilst away in Kent. Midge loves the blue design and said it was a nice change from the usual black, pink or purple colours on most trainers she has looked at in stores before. 

What are Midges thoughts?

"I think these Adidas trainers are fab. They are really comfy and easy to both walk and run in. I haven't had any sores on my feet either which I sometimes get when I have new shoes to wear. I  love the colours, none of my friends have these trainers which is really cool, they've all asked where I got them from! When these are too small I think I'd like some more!"

Midge certainly had fun trying out her shoes in the park. Although there wasn't much snow she did get to test them out on the snowiest parts of the park and our walk.

A was kindly sent some shoes too and I think he will love them, I can't wait to show them with you next week after his birthday!