Reasons to be Cheerful

It's been a little while since I wrote a post about being cheerful. The last few weeks have been pretty stressful and there has been plenty of moments where I felt so drained and done with everything. Things still popped out at me though. Lots of small things like the children having good days at school and the leaves changing colour (I love Autumn) and discovering groups online I could follow to give me healthy eating ideas which weren't dull and boring! There have been some big moments to be cheerful though..

1) We have a house! A week today we move and we're all looking forward to it! The children will be in school which will be really handy and we have plenty of offers of help which is so nice. This place is small and cosy which I hope will be better for us. The children will be sharing a room again which A is really pleased about, Midge is okay with the arrangement too. We will have a bath and a shower so I no longer have to have fights with A who hates the feel of the shower on his skin. I really hope here we can make some real family changes and be a happier and stronger family again and that I can be a happier Hannah!

2) Although getting A to do his homework is still very much a bang your head on the wall event, I am really pleased we have stuck to our routine of home, get changed and do homework as tea cooks. We use Lego to help with counting, and he has surprised me with his determination to write the red words he has to learn. He doesn't know any of them but just copying them down without a meltdown is a big success! 

3) I treated myself last night to some new clothes. I don't have the funds outright so made a Very account and bought a selection of clothes in the sale which I can pay off with no trouble at all. I'm really strict with myself when it comes to budgets. I got myself some work out leggings which are awesome and will boost me to do some exercise, even if it is just some yoga and dog walking. I also bought myself some new jeans (size 16 boo!) but I've been squeezing into size 14's for too long, I may be trying to lose weight but I must accept my size for what it is currently while I continue my journey. I also bought myself a poncho which may or may not suit me but I've always wanted and if worse comes to worse I can just wear it around the house to be comfy and warm!

4) A surprise random act of kindness. It's always lovely to open happy mail but when you don't expect something it's really wonderful!

Those are some reasons I'm smiling today, do you have any reasons you'd like to share? Please comment below or drop me a comment on my Facebook or Twitter

Our Wicked Auntie Does the Wicked Uncle Challenge!

Buying gifts for my children is a real mix. There's Midge who is super easy with girly things, books, art and crafts, plus she's always into something in particular. A on the other hand I find a little trickier. He changes his mind a lot about which programs he's into. Some things stay constant like his cars but he can be a little hard to buy for if you want to go outside the box.

It's a good thing Wicked Uncle got in touch then, because they seem to be rather good at 'outside the box' thinking. They asked if we had a wicked adult who might want to have a go at using their site to buy a couple of gifts for the Mini Cupcakes. I immediately thought if my sister, Auntie Tissy as she'ys affectionately known in this house thanks to Little A's mixed up speech (it's now habit rather than anything but so cute!) Auntie Issy was really up for the challenge and spent a weekend browsing the Wicked Uncle range of gifts.

Using the online tools to select an age (you can also search by categories, by age and gender, one or both) my sister found a list of items suitable for a child of Midges age. She spent a much longer time choosing for Little A because some of the products shown appeared to be a little young for him and he would probably lose interest quite quickly. I think she looked in the age above (he is nearly 5 as it is) and came across a couple of gifts perfect for him too.

I was really pleased Issy said she found the site easy to use and felt there was a lot of choice (which meant she found it hard to choose because there was so many things on there she could have bought, however, with a budget I think she chose really well.) 

Our Wicked Uncle parcel arrived within a few days all well packed (and not over packed with unnecessary bubble wrap and paper; hurrah!) Midge dived in and saw her gift first. It's something neither of us have ever seen before, a nail bar pillow! I couldn't help but think how useful this will be because she has had nail varnish on the carpet, got it stuck to her desk and her desk chair is covered in it. This pillow has a wonderful flamingo design, a little pink wipe friendly patch for resting your hand on plus a pocket at the back for your nail essentials (files etc) and 2 little nail polish sized pockets to prevent those rather messy knocked over polish incidents! She loves it!

Little A finally, finally got some Kinetic Sand. This stuff is so easy to use and we've all had great fun playing with it. For a child with sensory processing difficulties Little A has found this great because it isn't messy, it isn't sticky and doesn't leave him dirty. I love the feel of this stuff and will have to add to his collection now, so much cooler than normal sand! They also had some rather delicious (so I'm told) popping candy chocolate frogs which looked really tasty. They didn't last long so they were obviously a winner too.

Overall I have to say our Wicked Uncle experience has been fab and my sister definitely passed the Wicked Auntie test too! Thanks Wicked Uncle for giving us £40 to spend on your site and try out your challenge, it was great fun and will be a really handy site for a rather big upcoming special occasion!

Have you used Wicked Uncle? What do you think? Do you think it would help you or someone you know, like my sister who doesn't have children of her own, to pick an awesome gift without constantly checking it'll be okay first? Let me know!

Cupcake Mumma

On Being Evicted...

So, a week and a bit ago I answered the door to our landlord. He wanted to speak to my husband but he wasn't around. Noticing he was clearly troubled I asked him if I could help..I wasn't expecting to hear that, in a nutshell, we would be getting our 2 months notice immediately and a deadline given to us. He felt awful, I understood and we didn't take it to heart, it's the downside of renting and we knew it could happen at anytime.

I wasn't quite expecting this conversation at half past 9 on a Wednesday evening mind you so I did go into shock. It's been a very full on week or so since we got the news. Knowing how tough the housing situation is and knowing we have no money meant we were straight onto the property and borrowing money search. We're still kind of on that search but getting to the point we need to be!

After lots of form filling, budgeting, a fab housing officer and an understanding estate agents we managed to find a new property. I was terrified of being made homeless. We know very well that if it came to the crunch there would be a tempory house on offer and it could be anywhere in Cornwall. We wanted to avoid this at all costs. Thankfully we have.

I feel so blessed right now. I had visions of turning up to the council with loads of stuff because we couldn't find a place. I thought we would have to move further away, isolating myself and taking the children out of a fantastic school. I was so scared.

We viewed a house last week. It's small but it's cosy. It's a 2 bed and not a 3 bed because we couldn't afford the 3 bed prices. It doesn't have a garden but does have a small yard and we get to keep our beloved Peppa dog. I've promised the children there'll be more park trips to make up for the loss of the garden and their trampoline.

I am viewing this as a new start. We will sign a years tenancy agreement, we will have a deposit to claim back when this happens again (it will because it's the life of renting) I think this will be the change I have been craving and it really could be a blessing in disguise.