Train Musings

Currently en route to Trowbridge to see my dear friend Kat. I haven't made this journey for over a year and I'm pretty nervous about travelling. I'm sat on the train now, the first of 3 and I'm doing okay. Im being typically British about my train travel. You know, staring people out who stare at me getting on with my luggage, screwing my nose up secretly at my neighbours gross sandwich, pretending no one actually exists, complaining to myself about the crap seat then not moving to the nice one by the window (I love being British!)

I was well chuffed to find a train ticket to my destination for under £70 but now I know why..I'm on the smallest, stuffiest, crowded little thing for 2 hours. My coccyx hurts already and the tuna man is still chomping his least I brought blueberry muffins and cookies for my fellow travellers nose (nose only, no one shares my food) (seriously) I'm hopeful my journey will improve, maybe someone will pass me a paper? Or stop eating disgusting lunch? Maybe...

Anyway, about my trip. It's a rather spontaneous one as they usually are with me, it was only planned a couple of weeks ago because of a certain birthday which I need to make special because well, everyone deserves a decent birthday don't they? And to not be on their tod. I have banners, candles, ready to go cake mix, white tack and gifts I am so ready for a birthday I love them! I don't think we'll be getting up to much, just chilling and eating and negotiating with a 5 year old, 4 year old and a 1 year old because well, it just happens like that. My only real thing to do this weekend is have a bath and not just to relax but because up near Bath the water is BLUE! Honestly it blows my tiny mind every time I visit, can't get enough.

I don't think there's much else to say here, I've moaned about train travel but done nothing about it and I think it's time I broke out my peanut butter and jam sandwiches but I'm not sure if I'm that much of an arse!

Cupcake Mumma

What We Got up to in March

March went by so fast! Sadly it started with a round of tummy bugs with Midge being the last one to get it (mildly thankfully) On one of her days off I took her for breakfast which was lovely. It was one of those days where she could've gone to school but you have to stick to the 48 hour rule and I wasn't complaining because I was with my girly. I had my toothache start again last month causing me a lot of pain so I had to book a dental appointment. In the mean time I used this Orajel which has been amazing. Spring started to come out with some lovely blue skies and flowers and we had parents evening which went really well. Midge drew a picture of a cheetah which you can see below, apparently that's the animal she'd be if she could be any animal.

Roo is doing well in school, he's been referred for an Ed Psyc to observe him in the classroom so that'll be interesting. I got to look through all their books which was nice and when I had some spare time at home I made the children some Easter gifts for their teachers. I had my tooth out last month too, I got so fed up in the end I just had it removed! I enjoyed a Costa before the ordeal!!

Lots of reading done// Roo's portrait// Midge's cheetah// Sad post dentist face// Easter bunnies// Easter candy cones// Midge being mindful and colouring in

We had world book day at school which the children had fun dressing up for, I do love a non uniform day! I had a lovely Mother's Day receiving handmade pictures, a plant from Little A, a new mug and some biscuits with hot chocolate powder so all my favourite things. We got outside in the first week of the holidays by doing some crafts with paints, card and pasta, the dog enjoyed herself too! We managed an egg hunt and saw my sister on her birthday for gifts and a buffet.

 Roo with his Mother's Day flower// Doing homework// Midge as Hermonie//  Wheat free garlic bread!// Hot dog as big as Roo's face!

Cuddles// Happy mail from Buster Books// Roo's bonnet// Midges bonnet// Quiche// Birthday cake// Roo at school// Outgoing happy mail// A cuppa and a cuddle

Canvases for Mothers Day// Roo's dragon// Happy mail incoming and outgoing// Easter egg hunt at home// crafting// playing with Peppa// New shoes!

What About Me?

I had a bit of a pants month if I'm honest. I'm still not getting relief with my teeth so it's time to look elsewhere for a new dentist and I'll be complaining to my current one because I'm so unhappy. I've put on yet more weight too *sad face* but it's my fault. I loved seeing the family over Easter, having a nice roast with my Aunt and Gran and seeing my sister. I did manage to save £160 in March, which I am so pleased with and is thanks to being up to date with the council tax, whoop! I fear that money will go on private dental care though until I can set up a plan with them.

March's Blog Posts

I blogged about the cool Avengers Tea Party we had for Little A and I felt I needed to post a simple catch up on the blog. We had fancy dress fun on world book day, I wrote about my pesky teeth, what we got up to in February and my 10 reasons to smile. I shared my favourite monthly blog posts from other bloggers and our brand spanking new printer from Epson. Phew!

Cupcake Mumma

Love Sales? Then Head to Love The

I don't think there is anything in my home that is full price (honest, not unless someone bought it for me) I love charity shops, where you find so many great items for bargain prices. I also love the sales, I mean really love the sales. I'm pretty good now at only buying items I need. I always go into a shop with a sale on because I can't resist a nose about and I do pick up items but I almost always go back around the store putting the stuff back again!

A bargain isn't a bargain unless you need it!

I wanted to check some spring sales for new clothes for myself as it's that time of year where I start going through my cupboards and pass things on I hardly wear. Trouble is, a lot of my stuff doesn't really fit me anymore so a lot of it is in the charity shop bag waiting to go (we all have one right? In an under-stairs cupboard collecting and hiding kids toys and husbands horrible jumpers?) which leaves me (honestly) needing new clothes! I checked out Love the Sales website to get some new bits. Here, hundreds of sale items from various stores online (from designer to high street) are ready for you to browse which is much easier than searching the net for hours! I thought LoveTheSales was just another clothes website to be honest but it isn't; it has kids clothes, toys, gadgets, footwear and much more. I had a budget of £40 and at first I wanted this Superdry hoodie but when it comes to a sale I really hate to spend my whole budget on 1 item so I reconsidered. I really did need a new hoodie so I went for this Weird Fish one which came from the M&M Direct sale. A bargain at £24.99 from £59.99

My raspberry coloured Weird Fish hoodie

With my left over money I decided to take on a tougher challenge. I went in search for a hoodie for Mr B. He only wears branded hoodies because they last longer but because they have quite a price tag he doesn't own very many. It took me half an hour if I'm honest to find one but yes, I did find one. Using the website I went through USC's sale section and got him a SoulCal hoodie for £10!! RRP £36!!

Mr B in his hoodie

Why am I so happy? Because I don't get to normally wear, let alone buy branded clothing unless they are second had and of course, I'm over the moon to get nice clothes within a budget. I even went to my savings pot and purchased some Sketchers so I can jog properly without hurting myself when I came across some for £29 instead of £70...Now you can't tell me you'd walk away from that and I did need some decent footwear for working out! Seriously, I can't recommend enough, the customer service has been amazing, delivery was quick from the companies and any questions I had were answered quickly (even at the weekend). 

Gorgeous Sketchers from £70 to £29

Why are you still reading this? GO!

Cupcake Mumma

Ditching the Chores and Spending Time with Midge and Roo

We're on day 7 of the Easter school break here in Cornwall and today we have made a record with having 2 consecutive dry days, hooray! We were all beginning to wonder if this would ever happen again! We've been pretty lazy so far this holiday, I haven't had much motivation and I spent the first few days with dry socket pain but the children have been okay. We have seen Great Grandma and our Aunties (one of them being my sister who has now returned back up country boo!) other than that we haven't done very much at all.

Today I got my butt into gear and decided to have a craft day. I thought it would be nice to go for a walk but the children ran and hid when I mentioned this, after 20 minutes I surrendered, made a hot chocolate and then got out the paint, glue, card and various junk that would make a wonderful mess. Here are the wonderful messes (actually a lot of lovely artwork..)

A collection of our artwork from this afternoon

Midge's pasta and paint butterfly 

 Little A's pasta and paint butterfly

 My pasta, paint and sequined heart

Midge and I made pasta jewelry together, that was a lot of fun. She made some for her dolls and I made a rather glittery bracelet for myself. It was all good fun. While we did this, Little A had a tug of war with Peppa Dog and the rugby ball.

 Midge mixing her paint

 My pasta bracelet

Tug of war with the dog

We also did a spot of chalking on the pathway of the garden. Little A drew some pictures on the walls, I drew on the pathway with Midge and they also chalked the veranda whilst they were on a roll!

 Painted toes and chalk hearts

Little A's chalk ant

Later on as dinner cooked I gave in yet again to the cries for cookies, so Midge helped me do some mixing (then went off!) which meant I was alone until A came in and helped me put the mix onto the trays. Midge then returned to help eat the mix with her brother. Standard. They all came out quite nicely actually, the recipe book was pants though, I might blog these and see how everyone else gets on! 

Homemade free from cookies

So that was the day I stuck my finger up to the Mount Everest dish pile, the wet pile of laundry waiting to be hung out, the Holby City catch up and in all honesty, getting out of my pjs. What have you got up to so far this Easter?